Hi to you all

Although it is my elderly Mum I have been caring for, I couldn't do without careworkers coming in, to give me a guaranteed break.
Because of this, it's allowed me to work 2 days a week and see my grandchildren the other days, plus time off for myself.
My mother has just recently gone to a care home with the option of returning to my house anytime, where I have cared for her for 3 years.
I have thought about and reading your posts, what if my husband became disabled or ill?
Then I would restart having a careworker come to our house, to keep an eye on him to enable me to go out.
He wouldn't particularly like it, but I would introduce him or her as a friend I had met or someone to help with the house work etc, I know he would definitely accept that better.
I would start with just 1 or 2 hours and gradually increase it, especially as he would likely be receiving attendance allowance.
But of course he is used to careworkers who used to come into assist mum.

If you have not had a Carer's assessment or even if you have had one, you can request another one at any time (Privately, away form your partner)
If you are lucky with the Social Worker, they also can enable direct payments for a careworker or at least point you in the right direction and listen to your needs and give support.
Wishing you all the best.