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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
hi my name is Allan age 57. am a full-time carer for my 30 year old son.he has cerebral palsy. I have been looking
after him sines 2012.when his mum 2013.he is a very happy boy.full of laughs.and smile's.i have a
Daughter 26 years old .but she doesn't live with me. am always listen to enay one who needs to talk. I am
happy person.i don't let things get to me.i just get on with it. I get a lot of help.from my son daycare.thay
are very helpful to me.
Welcome aboard Allan.

I care for my hubby who is 57 yrs and has advanced alzheimers. I am sure other members will be along soon to add their welcome too.

Welcome Allan.
My lovely husband is in a nursing home because of strokes and vascular dementia. I try to be upbeat ( hard to do) but I have a very supportive family. Wouldn't want them worrying about my health, which thankfully is good.
I do hope you will continue to post on the forum, as it's a supportive friendly one, and non judgemental.
Hi Alan, my son was brain damaged at birth, now 38, lives in a flat with carer support.
Hi and Welcome. I care for my 78 year old husband who has various health problems including osteoarthritus, lupus , psoriasis and deafness. I am glad you get some support with regard to looking after your son.
Hi Allan,
Welcome to the forum. I care for S, he is 25 and has autism. He attends a follow on Life Skills sevice run by the college he attended.
I hope you enjoy the forum.