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Carers need help

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Image Carers need more support not less respite we work 24 / 7 and 365 days a year no other person does that what we need is a free union to help us shout at the government I have just been told that no respite in 2012 / 2013 .
s worker no help we need direct action Image
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Please comment, here ya go, what did you expect, we live in a world where its about me, not other people, where a persons social standing is measured in what they have, not who they are, or what they give to society. Once you mention benifits, then you become the lowest of the low, people do not care what you do, how many hours you do, or how much you save the country, what they see is their tax money going to you. If you worked and let the Gov pay for care and SS run it, then you would be a good member of society, the fact that between them the Gov and SS couldn't organise a p up in a brewery is neither here nor there. Goverments are not silly, unlike people, they know your average Mr and Mrs Joe get mightily upset when all they see is Benifit scroungers and Disabled Benifit fraud plastered all over the papers. So we/you are a legimate target. They know we would not could not go on strike, so what will we do, nothing, we just get on with it with as much dignity as possible, and hope the area we live has a few of the people who do care. As regards your respite, take them to court, its your right to get respite, its also your right to make them answer for not supplying it. Or accept thats the way it is, am i bitter, no, i am just a realist who see's the world for what it is. Now if we could afford a super duper PR company, then that would be differant??????.
Why no respite? Who do you care for? Carers UK work as hard as they can on our behalf, but these are very difficult times. At the moment everyone seem to be trying hard to protect the position as it is, trying to stop any further cuts. However, there is quite a lot of help out there once you learn how to get it. Hence my questions, if you let us know more about your situation, someone else in a similar position may be able to tell you how to get what you need.
Dave, I dont have a clue as to why you have not been offered any respite. I understand that Social Services may well be under a lot of financial pressure but it is in their interests to support us. I know many carers do not get offered as much care / respite as they would like, and I also know that things do seem to vary from one part of the UK to another. But from what you say, I can't make sense of this.

Have you asked for a proper Carer's Assessment ? If not you should formally ask for this, then you will have something concrete in your hand to argue against. If your needs as a carer have already been assessed, but no care offered, then you perhaps need to make a complaint to Social Services. Failing that, I would then suggest contacting your MP. In my experience that can often be a helpful thing to do when all else fails. Despite popular opinion, an MP will always take seriously matters raised by their constituents and will speak to the relevant agencies concerned to see what can be done.

Take care,

If you Google "contact your MP" you will find a website where you can do it online. It's quick and easy. I was amazed how quickly I had a response for mine. Hope that gives you some encouragement.
Morning Dave..just wanted to come along and welcome you to the forum. Some good advice and opinions already given and I'm sure more will follow.

Sadly, I believe that many things can be a bit of a postcode lottery. I was very fortunate when caring for Mum with the help and support I received from social services but I'm also aware that this is certainly not the case for everyone - many of whom are in far more difficult situations than perhaps I was. Please remember there is also the CarersUK helpline that may be able to assist you too.

Once again, welcome aboard!

Bell x