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New Member, & what an eye opener this site is. - Carers UK Forum

New Member, & what an eye opener this site is.

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi everyone my name is Mick but please feel free to call me Gazpode, Anybody know where I got that name from ( Gazpode that is not Mick!). It should be spelt Gaspode, but as people tend to shorten names lets just say I'm happy to answer to Gaz but not to Gas!. I became full time Carer to my Friend Gordon last September, as the only choices Gordon had was to go back into care or for me to become his carer, we choose option 2. I had to give up the place I was living as he needs both day & night care and moved into his one bedroom flat in September last year thinking well all we have to is contact the Council and bid on 2 bedroom places. Easy or what ?. It was a what!. We were refused to bid on 2 bedroom property, at the Same time Gordon had applied for higher rate care DLA. Refused twice!. Took DWP to a Tribunal AND WON. Showed the Tribunal Decision to the Council AND WON, it only took 14 months to overturn DWP and eight months to over turn Council lol.
By saying this site was an eye opener, it showed to me where I thought I was going though this all alone I wasn't. I also learn that others were going though far,far worse. Reading the posts brought tears to my eyes, I see now I that I'm very lucky compared to others.Yes Gordon is Mentally ill, but not mentally retarded, my main job is to look after his safety, check him when he is asleep, make sure he doesn't double dose by mistake, help him from bed, cook, clean and shop. But I don't have to spoon feed him. Nor do I have to bathe him or help him with his toilet. To all the carers who have to do what I don't need to you have my greatest respect. The only thing I have to work out now is how to spend all the money I get for taking care of my friend, it doesn't seem to bother the powers that be it would cost the tax payer about £1,200 a week to keep my friend in a Care Home,and I get £105 a week to care for him full time ( 18 hours aday, well I do need to sleep some times ! lol) that's 126 hours aweek so I get under a pound an hour( be still my beating heart!) Is it me or did I hear something about a minimum hourly pay rate?. So as the State pays me far under Minimum pay rate can I take them to court?. Yea fat chance. lol.
Regards Gazpode (Mick)
Hello Gaz, welcome to the forum. The only way the government gets away with paying us far less than the minimum wage is by using the argument that what we do doesn't count as work! To my way of thinking, it has to be work. After all, if we didn't do it they would have to pay someone else to do it instead, so why aren't we all paid the same rate for doing exactly the same thing? I put this argument forward as a motion at the CUK AGM in 2004, passed almost unanimously but there's been little progress since. Have you had a benefits check? If you go to the top of the page you will find a tab which says "Help and Advice". Click here and you will find a booklet with loads of useful information. Look at the money pages first, then if you think you are not getting enough, ring the CUK helpline who will talk you through things. I'm a great fan of their, they made me £50 per week better off!!!
Bowling thanks for the warm greeting and advice, I know full well that the chances of we Carers getting a living wage will never happen. The Powers that be know that Carers care, as the choices are to provide care or see their loved ones shipped off to a nursing Home, as I said I was not going to see my best Friend carted off to one, they take for granted that we will be Carers out off love.
Hi Gaz, Im glad you dont feel so alone anymore. Isolation and loneliness is so common in carers and Ive found it great to be able to talk to others who understand.
Im also glad youve managed to take on the DWP and the council and win. Knowing how fast they work I think it was a lightning fast decision Image Image Image
Welcome Gaz and what a lovely first post, we feel we know you already Image Lots of advice and friendly folk here, we all congregate on Roll Call over on Members Corner its where we all check in of a morning and chat about what we are up to, if anyone misses a few days we get worried, so grab a coffee, pull up a chair and see you over there!
Hello and welcome, the others have said it all for me Image
Thank you for your posts Crocus.nilla and Bluebird for making me feel so welcome on this great site.
Thank you for your posts Crocus.nilla and Bluebird for making me feel so welcome on this great site.
Don't get mad get even!
Hi Mick Image A very belated welcome from me! I've had computer probs past couple of days! - Join us on roll call in the members section. It's a great way to meet everyone and it's where we all have a little chat.