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I had no idea there was a directive for GPs re: carers - would you be able to post a link? Sure it would be of use to many of us.

GP's own web site ... note ... scheme is voluntary : ... le/1587067

GPs urged to keep register of carers and offer double appointments.

By Jenny Cook on the 11 June 2019

GP practices in England have been urged to maintain a register of patients who are carers and to offer support including extra appointments and support groups.

( Takes me back to the infamous Carers Flag Scheme ... old PRT , now The Carers Trust ... in 2001 ... 18 years ago : ... g%20scheme )
GP's also get paid extra for people with learning difficulties.
What about for carers of those with mobility issues?
ALL carers are covered by the document I've already posted.
I don't know full details of GP funding details, only know about those with LD as this is what my son has.
Thanks. I’ll take a look. It could be useful!