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new member - marianne - Carers UK Forum

new member - marianne

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
hi everybody,
came across this site at the weekend and it looks like a godsend. to come into contact with other carers, with the same problems, similar situations and even carers at the end of their tether. to be able to vent your feelings and realise there are other carers willing to give you advice and lighten the load you are carrying.
i care for my elderly mother (3 strokes and dementia) but unfortunately it is not the happy relationship it could be. my mother has never been a motherly mother, very cold hearted, sarcastic in manner, she is always right and will not have it any other way. she will not listen to anything anyone says to her - talking loudly over them about anything that happens to be in her head at that time. she is a habitual liar, even when the obvious is in front of her. sadly due to the dementia and its slow progress all these awful straits are greatly exaggerated.
i had to give up my nursing job to take care of her and have been with her for 18 months now. feeling guilty, resentful and trapped. i have another sister who only lives 5 minutes away, but adamantly refuses to have anything to do with the situation. she visits sometimes when she wants something - and my mother thinks the world of her ! oh dear.
Welcome to forum Marianne.

I know quite a few of our members share some of the same experiences as your own so hopefully you can help one another.

Look forward to getting to know you.
Just adding my welcome to the forum Marianne.

Paula xx
Also like to add my welcome Marianne!

Hope that you find the forum and site helpful and supportive

Take care
Maryann x