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New member intro - Carers UK Forum

New member intro

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello Just a quick intro. I look after my 90 year old mother who has severe vision loss, hearing issues and mobility problems. I live on an island which brings both good and challenging aspects to being a carer. I have recently joined a steering group who hope, one day, to have a care home/respite establishment on the island.

I find life quite difficult to adapt to, as the person you remember as a parent when younger, presents quite differently when decades have elapsed. However, my surroundings are truly idyllic which is uplifting.
Hi Naomi
Welcome to the forum, I hope you find it a useful place for info and to make some virtual friends who understand the issues you are facing.
An island life sounds idyllic especially on a day like today but I can well imagine it brings it's own unique problems.
Hi Naomi, I took on my Mum, aged 90. Same problems. She's just gone for respite care for the first time and she is 100 in August. It has been a long, hard 9 years. She finds the sight loss to be the worst of all her problems, especially as she has been mentally 'on form' all this time. Flagging now though. Talking books have helped a little but she has had to give up all her hobbies and now even her favourite TV because she can't see. She's finding new surroundings and new people, new routine etc very, very hard.
Hope you get that care home opened.
Hello Naomi,
My husband's father came from Orkney and we have happy memories of holidays there visiting relatives. I hadn't given it a thought about the difficulties of being a carer there. It is bad enough in Falkirk where we live now. Look after yourself.
Thanks for the kind words of encouragement. It is a strange life but my balancing act is to go for walks with my dogs along the coastline and enjoy the fantastic scenery when the opportunity arises each day.

My mother seems to have reasonable vision in one eye and still loves her Ipad and ebooks. I am not sure what happens when that is no longer possible but will deal with that when the time comes. One unfortunate but also amusing aspect of her failing eyesight is the things she imagines she sees because she always sounds so sure of herself that other people always believe her, when in reality it is so implausible.