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new member hello - Carers UK Forum

new member hello

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi im Helen,

im 47 and i look after my mum who has terminal lung cancer, i would love to chat and hear from others in a similar situation, i dont have any family support and no friends as ive just moved to a new town. Image
Hi Helen and welcome Image
Welcome to the forum. Are you happy with the support which you are receiving at the moment, practical and financial? If not, contact the Carers UK helpline for advice.
Hi and welcome to the Forum.Hope you find it useful and fun. Image Image Image
Hello Helen,

And welcome from me too. I also care for my mum with no family support but she suffers from various old-age related stuff. Very difficult when you are in a new area too. Do you get any support from local carers or MacMillan nurses? Lots of friendly people to talk to here, so talk away. Everyone is here to listen and help were possible. Take care, Anne
Hi and welcome Helen,
I am carer to my hubby who has COPD ( lung disease and breathing issues)..... It can be tough moving to a new town and I am sure you will make some new friends soon. Check with your local community centre for what is happening in the area and if there is a local carers group. Your doctors surgery might help with that. You must be feeling quite stressed with your mums situation too.
You will meet a lot of friendly supportive peeps on here where you can have a lovely chat.

Hi Helen,
I cared for my Dad who had COPD and then terminal Lung Cancer
It was a very difficult time.
Some very good advice from other members, I wish I had this forums support then.
Feel free to PM me anytime
A big welcome from sunny Spain too!

Bell x