New Member - fraudulent carer!

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Colin, it certainly did in that programme Granddad, Dementia and Me when they kept going on and on and on at the poor man that he had dementia, when he kept saying 'No I don't!'

BB - the grandson should have read Contented Dementia....
Thanks for the replies! - all excellent advice, of course!

I am getting the hang of the "kind lies" thing, but still find it difficult, as it goes against my nature....but I rationalise it down to - will telling her the truth upset her? The answer is usually a yes - so I don't.

It is difficult though, especially like last night, when my platitudes of "we'll see how you are tomorrow" or "when you are a bit better" just weren't working, and she was still insisting that she was coming home today, and could walk.I must admit I did shorten my visit by about 10 minutes because all she was doing was repeating the same mantra, and wouldn't talk about anything else which I found quite stressful!
Yes, it's really important to be kind to yourself as well as the caree.
If you are feeling "delicate" emotionally, it's better to cut a visit short. Inevitably, there are times when it is difficult to accept that a parent is in decline, to wish things were different.