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Just joined

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Hi all, I'm the latest newbie. I'm supporting my husband who has had depression and anxiety for 3 years. It's been a roller coaster few years and right now we are in a dip. It's really hard and I'm so glad I found this group as I could really do with some help for me from time to time. Anyway that's a bit about me, I look forward to getting to the end of our tunnel.
Dear Karen

Welcome to the forum. I know this may sound harsh, but perhaps you could persuade your husband to read the posts from Jane, just below. Maybe that might help him realise that whatever it is that is getting him so down, that others are coping with nightmares. My apologies if he is coping with nightmares too. The trouble is, those with depression don't usually respond well when they have to think about tragedy. But it would be nice to think if he could put things in perspective, and head out of the tunnel he's dragged you into. It's always extremely difficult, and exhausting, and so often frustrating to have to cope with someone who has to cope with depression. Is there anything you can think of that set him off on this dark path? Can that be reversed/counselled/ameliorated?

I do hope, at the least, that he is in treatment, and is not in denial about his own state of mental health, and the toll it takes on you, as well as himself.

Kindest wishes, Jenny

PS - there are quite a few people here who are looking after someone with depression, so I'm sure they'll give you a more informed view than I can! (My caree is my 91 y/o MIL who is now in a care home with dementia.)