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Hi All

I live up in Lancashire myself and I look after my wife on a full time basis. I have now been looking after her for just over a year but on a part time basis for about 6 years or so. We have been married for 16 years this May.

Wifes suffers from the following, Diabetes, Heart Problems, COPD, Angina, Arthritis and Anaemia.

Last January after lots of problems, finally got her in hospital, almost too late as the day she went in she only had a 50 50 chance of making it through the night. Doctor here did not want her to go in earlier but had to go in then. Got through that tough night. Had been up myself for 27 hours solid without a wink of sleep. Came down to her having fluid on her lungs which at that time meant that she may not have made it through the night. Thankfully, after a period of 25 days in hospital she was let home and was on the mend. While in there, she had almost 4 stone in weight of fluid removed from her.

Everything seemed to be going so well and in August, she took a tumble from top to bottom down the stairs so she was once again rushed into hospital and thankfully there was nothing broken. They took x-rays and all the usual things when something like this happens and it turned out that her anaemia was causing her problems. Had either 3 or 4 units of blood put back into her and got a camera down her which found an internal bleed which they repaired by laser. More blood back into her after this and was sent home after they had indicated that she was alright to come home.

Seemed to start going downhill at this time and was staying in bed a lot more than i would have liked her to be. Getting confused and talking rubbish saying that she had seen things in her bedroom. After a lot of persuasion I managed to get her to come downstairs to eat her meals which was good from my side of things.

One evening when she was in bed she shouted of me because she had chest pains and was rushed into hospital. An attack of angina was brought on through the anaemia that we thought had been solved. More blood put back into her, 2 units to be precise and was sent back home.

Total surprise here as she was already in the departure lounge waiting for me when i contacted them. On looking at her she did not seem to be fit to be coming home. Read her discharge notes and found out that she was waiting for cameras to go inside her to find out where she was bleeding from.

She is due to have the cameras down hopefully next Monday, 2nd March but in all honesty she should not be at home at the moment. She gets out of breath when she comes downstairs or goes up, can't walk up without supervision from me and is very forgetful as well as seeing and hearing things.

This morning she shouted me at 5am as she was halfway down the stairs unable to move. Thankfully she did not try to continue coming down without any supervision otherwise she would have fallen.

Just waiting to see what happens next because they will not do anything until she has the tests next week

Thanks for listening

Hi Hall,

From one noob to another, welcome to the forum.

There is always someone who will listen on here.

Here's wishing you and your wife well.

welcome to the site and good luck on monday!!!!!
Hi Hal nice to meet you and welcome to the forum.My wifes a Lancashire Lass from darwen originally small world eh Image
Hi Hal and welcome
We are always here to listen and give support and advice.
Good luck on Monday, I hope the camera finds the problem and then they can help your wife to feel better.

Hi there Hal and welcome. Mum has similar problems as your wife but with osteoperosis as well is more or less bed bound. I was interested to read about the confusion which you say your wife has had. My Mum began "seeing" and "hearing" things and it reached a point when she was actually cutting things up in the night and had no idea what she was doing. In my Mum´s case it turned out to be due to the lack of oxygen. At the time she was only using oxygen on an "as and when required" basis for her Copd but when the episodes of confusion became worse the doctor advised that she should have the oxygen on 24/7. The confusion has shown a marked improvement compared to what it was. It may be worth having a word with the GP perhaps to see what he thinks.

I´m sure you will find the forum a great benefit and support. Bell x
Hi Hal

Welcome to the forum Image
Thanks all for your responses it has been great for me.

Brindleboy, was interested in what you were saying about the confusion side of things but I am not sure that it would be due to the lack of oxygen as when she is in her bed it seems that she is ok. It is only when she goes to the toilet or comes down or goes upstairs which she gets out of breath which is down to a shortage of blood due to her anaemia.
Healthwise, her diabetes is under control and has never been better. Was excellent at the last review in January and not had any problems with her COPD as that seems under control.
It is the confusion that is currently worrying me as she sometimes shouts for her daughters who live about 10 miles away and her sister who lives about 8 miles away. Even said that she heard me talking to her son who lives a few miles away from me.
This, along with her seeing her daughters sat in the corner of her bedroom and seeing animals round the house is the worrying thing, worrying because nobody has been here when she has indicated these things.
The main problem is the anaemia and I think that when we get this sorted out then we will be able to take a step forward from this because that is where the main problem lies. She has been suffering from anaemia now for 2 years
The only aspect that has not been looked into which could be connected with the confusion is when she had the fall down the stairs in August last year I don't think that she had a scan on her head. Now, the confusion and seeing things did not start immediately after the fall but it did start from about 2 months later and admittedly, some days seemed better than others up into January but since she came out of hospital again it seems that over the last few weeks the confusion and seeing things has been an everyday occurence. When she is due to have the camera down her next week I will see if any tests were done on her head when she fell down the stairs as this could have something to do with it.
Thanks for listening and I will keep you informed as to what is happening.

Hi Hal and welcome, lovely to see you here Image