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Yes, in many cases it is like what you are describing.Hence many people get stressed and leave employment. Then regret such a move further down the road. Can we ask your age.
My age is 55.always worked in care and until this happened I have hardly had any time off apart from when I had an operation myself around a year ago. I totally get why others have given up work it's hard having to prove something that to be honest I think is unfair, once you have a doctors certificate that should be enough. I have only had 2 weeks off so far. Many other staff have had longer sick leave
Funnest thing is they made me employee of the month last month because of things I had done at work so I'm finding it hard to understand why
Obviously you are worth your weight in gold. Given your age I would think long and hard. Also considering what you wish for your retirement. Now the Government has moved women's state pension age. Getting back into the work place after caring. It one of the most difficult things.
They are absolute idiots for treating you this way given you sound an amazing employee and they are lucky to have you. Aside from the human element in treating you like this, in pure business terms they are mad. They risk you leaving altogether and then they are stuck with a vacancy which they will have to spend time and money on filling. And spend time and money on training someone new. Bear this in mind if they continue to be difficult, it is as much in their interests to keep a good member of staff as it is for you to keep your job.

Really glad that drs are being supportive. I think now try and park the work situation and concentrate on you and your son.
Sally thanks for your reply. I've been thinking that I'm not going to leave and make it easy for them because I do believe this is the wrong treatment of an employee