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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
It's taken a while but after 32 years I have decided to talk with other carers, I am not going to complain about money or bedroom tax, there is little point when it changes it will change, let's be honest no political party considers us worthy to fight for in the current political climate, so it will be a long slow process, I have for many years worked and cared but apparently that doesn't count so holding down a profession and working 60 hours a week caused a stroke and in 2007 I gave up and decided to care full time, we had to give up our rented accomadation as benefits fell short by £300 a month so we were moved from a 4 bedroom house to a 2 bed bungalow on the other side of the country far from family and friends, I was able to sell many of our items to keep going this helped mentally and financially, but 2 weeks ago I had to attend an investigation into benefit fraud as I had been reported in 2015 anonymously to the benefit fraud hotline so they had been watching my every move for 2 years. Fortunately the extremely fair compliance officer who interviewed me determined that if I was a trader buying and selling, then to be frank I was rubbish at it and the case has been closed. Of course the stress this has caused as you will all know, knows no bounds and the isolation kicks in, along with the fear of consequence, I just hope that whoever did it can live comfortably with themselves. Anyway I digress thing is over the last couple of years I have been teaching myself to play Saxophone and would really like lessons but honestly we are in debt with bed tax etc and all sorts of other reductions we used to get help with, so I wondered is there any help I could get for an activity I am looking for around £13 a week and I think I am quite good ok just my opinion but apart from the memory issue from the stroke I reckon there is hope. If you could point me in the right direction I would be so grateful.
Hi Mark
Welcome tot eh forum and wanted to sympathise about you being spied on for 2 years- how totally ridiculous. I expect the cost of employing their snooping staff aoutweighed your meagre income tenfold. I think most of us on here who are internet savy have probably dabbled with ebay and gumtree etc to eek things out a bit. I dare say all the council staff do it as well and don't declare it. They certainly did when I worked in that environment.
Anyway back to your question, this may sound stupid as you have been caring for so long but have you had a Needs and/or carers assessment if you care for someone else and maybe need a little help yourself post stroke if I have read that right. Depending on where you live , there may be finding for a weekly activity of your choice.
If not and that avenue already ruled out, then there is a web site on here with a list of trust funds and charities that help in different areas, some relating to special needs but I am sure some will cover strokes. Racking my brains as usual trying to think what its called-can anyone give a link?
Hi Henrietta
Thank you I did hav a carer assessment about 5 years ago and was given what I was told was a one off payment of £150 to be honest if went on bedroom tax.
I will take a look at the other options and appreciate your time for responding.
The stroke by the. Way has no real significance as made an almost full recovery.
Hello Mark and welcome to the forum.
How utterly awful, being spied on for 2years! Some very malicious people around.
I'm so pleased you are well recovered from your stroke. Please be careful with your health. Another one would be devastating for you.
Please keep posting. It's a supportive forum, and very non judgemental.