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Hello everyone. My name is Kevin and I was a carer as I was looking after my mother until June 13th when she died. I am trying to move on and am doing a few hours voluntary work at my local British Heart Foundation shop. However, next month my Carers Allowance and Income Support finishes and I have to apply for JSA, so I've been told. Although I've been unemployed before, I'm dreading having to go to the Job Centre as it's all changed now. What do I do? Do i apply online? Do I apply for JSA or do I have to apply for Universal Credit? I'm confused by it all so I would be grateful for some advice please.
Hello Kevin
My condolences in the loss of your mother. It is sad that devoted carers are pushed straight back into looking for work so soon. The powers that be don't seem to realise they are not only bereaved but redundant from a 24/7 career too., so coping with a double whammy.

It's my understanding that you first need apply online, and it will then guide you through the process depending on where you live and where Universal Credit is in its rollout.
After initial form filling on line you will probably be called in for interview.

Have you found our 'former carers' section? I seem to remember some recent-ish threads on similar topics

Good luck and do keep us up to date on your progress

Hi Kevin, welcome to Forum. Sorry for your loss.

Wondering if you qualify for ESA(C) on past NI contributions?

Worth exploring with Carers UK helpline (email often better)?

Same money as JSA in assessment phase (lasted 31 weeks for me!) but wouldn't need apply jobs.
I suggest that you contact the Carers UK Adviceline team as they are the experts on all matters related to caring and benefits.
Need expert advice? You can talk to the Carers UK Adviceline five days a week, no matter where you are in the UK or how complex your query is. We do benefits checks and advise on financial and practical matters related to caring.

Freephone: 0808 808 7777
email: advice@carersuk.org
Open Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm

The Carers UK Adviceline also includes a listening service, there for you to talk through your caring situation with a trained volunteer who understands what you are going through. Available Mondays and Tuesdays, from 9am to 7pm.

If you can’t get through on the phones (lines are often oversubscribed) then send them an email, they’ll usually get back to you within 3-5 working days.
Thank you for all your replies. I'm not sure about going on ESA. I went to see my GP shortly after my Mum's funeral. After the funeral I passed out for a couple of seconds and had to be helped back to the car. I have a history of epileptic blackouts but I am on medication and hadn't had any trouble for years. The doctor put it down to the stress of caring for Mum and the funeral plus it was a very hot day which didn't help. He said he was reluctant to give me a certificate as despite my various health problems, I am still capable of doing some work and with ESA I would have to go for an assessment and they would more than likely take me off ESA. A while ago I had a bout of vertigo and that affected my walking. When out, I have to use a stick. The best thing to do, think, is apply for JSA online and see what the Job Centre say. I've started volunteering at my local British Heart Foundation charity shop so I would think that would put me in good steasd.
It takes about an hour to complete the form online
Welcome to the forum and I'm sorry for you loss.