New member - daughter off to special needs college

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Hi I am a mother of a severley disabled 19 year old daughter who is just about to leave school this July and hopefully if the funding panel can sort themselves out, a special needs college in Sept is there anyone in the same boat?
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I know some familes say the transition from school to college / Childrens to adult services, can be a challanging one. Are things going smoothly for you? Is the college residential or will she still live at home with you? Tell us more!

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hello and welcome
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I am going to send details of this discussion to another of our members. She is not posting much just now but still reading.

Hello and welcome.
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Hi Gail, and a warm welcome from me, you do not say what area you are in, when our daughters future was discussed, college was put forward, but with a warning, the warning being they will go and come home, but not alot inbetween, as the local council, Waveney District lowestoft, did not fund it properly, so she would have been put in a class with ordinary students, and ignored, several parents told us the same thing, with all of them withdrawing thier children after 1 to 2 months, your area might be differant, try to speak to parents whose children already go there. You can glean alot of information this way, we emigrated instead. Good luck, let us know how you get on.