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possible fund raiser - Carers UK Forum

possible fund raiser

Tell us a bit about yourself here.

new to this group, next year we are considering a massive fund raising challenge, its something very much in its infancy at the moment and their are a few things we would like too learn.
I am looking too speak too someone who cares for someone who is confined to a wheelchair and dependant on a carer for the most simplest of tasks, as its totally in its infancy is it possible to contact me by private message.

thanks in advance
This seems a bit cryptic - who are "we"? Who would you be raising funds for? Are you a carer yourself, it doesn't appear so from what you've written?

Call me cynical but a first post that talks about fund raising then asks for people to contact them by PM makes me automatically suspicious. If the purpose of the fund raising is to benefit carers, then surely you can put the details here on the public forum?

Sorry you felt that way,
The "we" are me, my partner and our team at work, the fundraising should it happen be for "carers" What we are thinking is so in its infancy their is nothing set in stone hence I needed help and advise, the reason I asked to do it privately is I didn't want to put any openly that might upset anyone as their are lots of people with their own issues. Once again please accept my apologises for the cryptic first message
Hi Laura. As carers, we speak openly on this forum about our lives, issues we have with those we care for - there is no subject that is "off limits".
I think you will find that we do not get "upset" as we deal with often distressing situations every day, so I'm sure you could post openly for the advice you seek. Are you intending to fund raise purely for carers who fit the description you describe? Or are you intending to fund raise for Carers UK, the charity?

I'm intrigued. 8-)
Laura, hi - yes, do feel free to give details (but anonymise them in terms of names/locations etc, at least to begin with!).

I have to agree with Ladybird that it did sound a bit 'cryptic', your messages! (And yes, sadly, this forum does sometimes get 'hit on' by those who are out for themselves, or to try to sell us things!)

Who is your team 'at work'? Are you and your partners carers yourselves? What are you aiming to do with the money you're hoping to raise? (etc etc)

Tell us more!

Kind regards, Jenny