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I am new here - Carers UK Forum

I am new here

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi to all.
My wife, who has Alzheimer's, and I, have recently returned from Spain having spent 14 years there. The Spanish health system was excellent but there is no care service. I was slowly going under myself and our daughter rescued me by saying, "Come back to the UK and live with us".
I am finding my feet and getting back into the system.
The local Alzheimer's Society is very helpful and we have been involved with singing sessions and coffee mornings and I am now on a five week course for carers.
It has helped me a lot just meeting with other carers and my wife has attended the day centre a couple of times, which has given me much welcomed breaks.
The highlight of our six weeks so far? When our daughter said, "Now Mum is in bed, why don't you go out for a pint Dad?"
So I did.
Hi Colin,

Welcome to the forum.

Sounds like moving back to the UK was the right choice.


Hello Colin and welcome to the forum :)

Sounds like you have a "diamond" daughter there :) Now that you're back in the UK have you had a chance to investigate things like Attendance Allowance for your wife ? I suspect from your username that you are of retirement age so probably unable to get Carers Allowance for yourself. However it can still be worthwhile claiming as it's classified as an underlying "gateway" benefit that can open the door to other benefits you might be entitled to.

Feel free to join in wherever you like and do have a look at the Dementia section further down the Index - lots of useful tips on coping with the various aspects of all kinds of dementia.
Hi and welcome
Hi Colin, welcome to the forum. It sounds like you've found out lots of things already. Very well done. I'm so pleased that your wife is willing to attend the day centre, so you have some fairly guaranteed "me" time every week. This is so important.
A course for carers sounds wonderful, is it something available nationally do you know?
I am glad you have a strong support system, it is vital.
Enjoy your visits here, it's a great place.
It must be available nationwide.
It is called CRISP.
Colin1945 wrote:It must be available nationwide.
It is called CRISP.
unfortunately not (depends on available funding) !

If available it will be called by a different name in different areas - best way to find out if there is one locally is to contact the nearest Carers centre or the local branch of the Alzheimer's Society.