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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi, Im Hazel i am a carer for my husband who has early stage Alzheimers. Hoping to talk to others in a similiar situation for some advice and support
Hi Hazel,

And welcome to the Forum. You have certainly come to the right place for advice and support. I hope you find the Forum as useful as I do. Just ask away if you have any questions.

Has your husband had an official diagnosis? My mum has mixed dementia (Alzheimers / vascular dementia). If this is a recent diagnosis, there is a lot to get your head around. The only advice I can give is to get as much advice as you can and get regular breaks where you can too. The good thing here is that lots of us are going through similar issues and emotions.

Looking forward to the chatting,
Hi, Hazel my husband has early stages dementia (he is 64) I think the most frustrating thing is you never know what sort of day he is going to have in fact one moment he seems fine then the next he acts totally illogical, one day he can operate his tv and the next he can't.

People will tell you to be patient with him but I know it is not always that easy. Do you get any respite time I get 4hrs a week (I was allocated more but ther is no funding available) and I use 3hrs a week if I don't have to much to do I go swimming for an hour of it I then save the remaining hour and every so often I have a day out with friends, I tend not to tell my husband until the morning that I am going out for the day I used to tell him a few days a head but he gets in such a state about it I used to go out so stressed about leaving him it wasn't worth going.

I think the thing I miss most is having a conversation with him that I know he is understanding. I miss friends too as he is also physically ill now and we had to move to a new area to get a bungalow so my close friends are no longer able to drop in as they pass.

This site is great for advice and for lifting you up when you are down there is always someone on line to help so don't feel alone
Wishing every good wish possible
Hi Hazel and welcome
My mum has Alzheimer's too. I can only say that it has been a steep learning curve.
Ask any questions you would like or join in any discussions. :)