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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I'm new in here I just felt I would join up as I care for my partner who has MH problems. I have gone in myself but still do more when I lived in hes hometown of Scunthorpe but now we have moved back to where I am from Cleethorpes and it helps him a bit by going to the beach. But few months now hes been shutting he self away and I try encourage him to come out but I just don't want to force him.

I felt like coming on here as I want to make new friends and also I am going to do a Mental Health level 2 course and get a volunteer job.
Hello Zoe and welcome to the forum :)
Hi Zoe glad you joined us great that you sound so positive about things
Hi and a warm welcome to the forum. Plenty of support and advice to be found on here, have a look round the boards and start a thread of your own if you have any specific questions. :)
Hi Zoe and welcome.

Let's hope the beach entices your partner out of the house.

Good luck with your course.

Nice to hear from you.
Hi and welcome
Thank you all for replying back.
We doing okay but my partner is getting a face to face assessment for ESA so hes been worrying and can't keep still, he suppose to have hes medication up by 1 tablet but hes psychiatrist cancelled the appointment so now we waiting for them to rebook it, and its making me feel worried and stress out. I aint been out since Wednesday as I aint got the motivation so gonna force myself to see my parents with my partner hopefully. It just been suffering with pains at the bottom of my stomach and down below as I've started jogging so gonna get myself to the nurse so I'm getting nervous as I suffered with BV(Bacterial Vaginosis) before so I'm worried. I know too much information sorry.
Warm welcomes to the family Zoe xx