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Does anyone else out there look after person with pituitary problems as I do, if so would be interested to hear from you. My wife started with her pituitary problems in 2005 and since has become diabetic, had a few mini strokes and has been in hospital each time.As a consequence of the above I had a carers assessment done I applied to my employer for flexible working at first they were really orchward about this and made me feel quite ill.Since the earley days they have become a bit more understanding,but still on occasions try to make life orchward for me , anyone else have same problem.
Hello Michael, There is a link on the site that tells you exactly how to go about it, You have to put in a written request for flexible working, by law I am sure they have to have some policy in place with regards having a dependent.....(I am no good at posting links). I work full time and look after my dad. He had a stroke 3 years ago. My employers are very supportive in general. they never give me grief about having time out for taking my dad to appointments and the like and if anything "crops up". So long as I keep them updated with any changes they are happy. I am very lucky.
Hope you find the answers and they go easy on you.

Kind regards...It is a worry!
Hi Michael and welcome,

I juggle working and caring. A few years ago I applied to reduce my hours and I now have Mondays off. This has helped as I now have a day to rest/ do chores / keep me sane etc whilst S is as at college.