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Hi All
I have been a carer for my wife who has Multiple Sclerosis for 33 years. Eleven years ago she left work as a social worker as she became deaf as well from Otosclerosis on top of the nerve damage for the MS made it impossible to hear clearly enough to continue working. In 2007 she then became elliptic, now under control with medication.
I do still work but from home, as a tutor for the Open University this allows me to be available when ever needed
When reading some of the problems others have I consider myself luck as my wife's problems are only physical and she uses a virtual world where we have made many friends from all over the world. This keeps her mentally active even going as far helping to run the place as a volunteer music organiser. Hence the tag Kered which is my name there. (Derek backwards)
In 2012 my son (33) was knocked from his bicycle by a car when going to work and suffered a traumatic head injury plus other complications and spent eleven months in hospital. He has been living with us now for eight months and I slowly improving. So I am also looking after him and managing his affairs through the court of protection.

Hi Kered,

Welcome to the forum. You have a heavy caring workload, hope you have some help. Time off, or "me" time is so important.
Hiya and a warm welcome to the forum.
Thanks for the welcome

In the summer I get a bit of me time I go bowling started last year but not very good
and the two dogs get me out at least once a day for a walk