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new member

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
This is not late for me Image ,ask again about 1-2 am.

Any plans for the weekend??
no im afraid not its very hard for her to get out&about
in this weather it hurts her alot
Do you have any help Doug or just the 2 of you??
just the two of us we did get help
but it didnot wosk out the problem was
that whwn they came in to give me abreak
there was certain things i asked they said
it wasnt there job??
You will find other members on here that will relate to what you just said Doug.
How long ago was that,would it be something you would want to consider trying again??
for the moment i dont think so roseray
as long as ive got my health which i have been
lucky enough to have i will cope with it
the only problem is paying for it know
the last time it was £5.oo a week but they stopped it
now i would have too try too find about £70.00
just for 4or 5 hours just to get a little break
This is a major concern for many carers Doug.Its not just trying to access decent care but also being able to afford it.
The main site has a wealth of information so if you have time take a good look round.

Did you give work up to care for your wife?
By the way,if these questions are too personal just tell me to shut up Image .Only post what you feel comfortable enough doing so ok.
no its not too personal i dont mind talking about it
we dont have children noreen had three miscarrages
afew years ago the last one nearly killed her
then after that things went down hill she had lupus
then got her spleen taken out now she is incontinant
also has a ileostomy bag heart problems ostioarthrtis
in the spine she takes warfarin for sticky blood cell syndrome
now we found out she might have huntingdon diseae
we are waiting for results for that but they are pretty sure she has
its just confirm it &she is only 54
Those few words you typed cant even begin to cover everything you have both been through.
What about you Doug,you said your health fine just now but how do you cope.
I hope the next bit does not offend yourself or any other male looking in but sometimes in my experience men are expected to just get on with it,stiff British upper lip .
Whats been the biggest change to your life?
ive got to go rosemary
it was nice talking to you
hope to speak to you soon
have a good night
got to see to the boss Image Image Image stay Image