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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi everybody, I'm new here and It's been suggested that I should introduce myself.

My name is Simon, I'm 26 years old and I care for my 50 year old Mum who has Fibromyalgia, Lupus and Multiple Sclerosis. My main reason for joining this forum is to talk to you guys about my two biggest concerns, money and isolation.

I would like to begin a campaign to get being a carer recognised legitimately as a job that should be paid appropriately. I'm probably not the first person who's thought that Carer's Allowance is a joke, as we are not merely job seekers or unemployed, we are in a situation that chose us and we are being punished for it in my opinion.

I would also be interested in starting a dating service for carers, as our situation is unique in a social and financial sense. Most people would not consider dating someone who is a full-time carer and has the small income that comes with it. So I think romantically connecting carers with other carers who can relate to that unique situation and wouldn't judge it would be great.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts,
Simon Berthiaume.
Hi and welcome.Hope you find the Forum useful and get your ideas up and running. Image Image Image
Welcome from me to.
Minnie Image
Hi and welcome Image
Hi Welcome to the forums. Image
Hello Simon and welcome.

I have no idea if anyone actually does manage on Carers Allowance. If they do then its a miracle. I think that there is an excellent case for paying some Carers a proper wage and we can easily evidence the value of what we do and what we notionally save the state's coffers. But getting any political change in today's climate on this front would also be a miracle.

I cant comment on the dating stuff, though general isolation is a real issue for many of us. Re dating, I just dont have the time, energy or inclination. But thats just me !

All good wishes,

Robert Image
Hi Simon
Good idea re the dating thing but be careful at the same time. I am married myself. And you wouldn't want it to be a married person.

It should be for as Beyonce sings "all the single ladies"

and gents too!! lol!!

Take care

Liz Image Image
Hiya Simon, sounds like you have some great ideas, e-petitions maybe a useful start, if only for research. The dating site sounds like a good idea too, not sure how you ensure someone is a carer or ex-carer though. There are plenty of dating sites around, even some for people with disabilities, but not heard of any for carers. Good luck with your endeavours. Hope all goes well.
Welcome, Simon, to the Forum, It is a good place to be. I'm with you on the wages for carers but I think you have a long struggle ahead ... We are saving the Government masses of money; by investing a bit more of cash, it would enable people to stay in their own homes and not be in very expensive care homes.

As for dating, I think it is a great idea but afraid I am with Robert on this one. Between work and caring, I have no time or energy left Image

Good luck, and look forward to reading more of your posts,
Hi Simon,
I'm so with you on the money. I think that you should be able to earn a certain amount without it affecting your benefits (i.e. income support). It is ridiculous what they expect you to live on and I'm sure that some carers would love to do something part-time, where caring duties allow, to boost their income. My carer's allowance and income support are allegedly enough for me to live on...barely exist more like! They should work out what it would cost to pay for 'professional' carer, after tax, and allow carers to earn as much, including their benefits and allowances....as the meerkats say....simples Image