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feel so down and worrid and on and on and on - Carers UK Forum

feel so down and worrid and on and on and on

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
my husband has been really ill for so long now been in hospital so many times i am sure thay have a bed with his name on it ,any way in the larst couple of monthes he has had ecoil i think thats how its spelt,then last week terry started to get breathing problems coughing up this horrid grey stuff wouldnt go back to hospital so doc came round gave him pills took a sarmple then the other day doc phones and said its mrsa scared the life out of me he has finished the pills now so i will keep eye on him but i have been ill for a while (i do smoke trying to stop)out of sorts bad cough want to sleep stressing all ican think have i got it (dont think so )what if i cant cope well i am not really why am i left to get on with it what if terry gets bad what do i do ,do i have to tell every one terry has mrsa what will be the next thing he gets Image
Hello Fairymagic,

I can understand how you feel. There are two of us looking after my mother-in-law and we still find it all very difficult.

I cannot offer any practical advice because I have not been in your position.

I have an idea that you may find something to raise your spirits if you have a look at the forum in this link. It is not a carers forum, it is a group for people who want to talk things over and maybe ask for others to pray for them or just lend a sympathetic ear. It is for anyone who is open hearted and has a caring attitude. There are peole on the group who have had to cope with all sorts of circumstances. You can read the posts withut joining. I write under the name ralph1303.


I suggest you look back through the message archives and dig about.

Best wishes,
Hi and welcome to the forum
My husband has multiple health problems and people often say we should have our own parking space at the local A&E. You sound like you are tired out perhaps it might be worth visiting the GP and getting yourself checked out ( I know carers are not very good at taking care of themselves but if your not well it will make looking after your husband harder to do)
hello and welcome
i am going to have op on the 7 sep and it means i wont be able to walk without cruches for a while iam scared i had op last year for the same reson but things have gone wrong scar tissue and another tumer to come out when thats done i have to have the other foot done i am scaed i no whats comeing the pain not being able to walk yet i still have to try and look after terry he wont let any one do his neck so he will get on the floor so i can reach then he cant get up sometimes its funny but not really this should be my time but it wont be i will have to get over it as fast as i can i am starting to hate this life so much i just want to run away ha i made a joke x
Fairymagic..sorry your going thr a rough time at the moment.

I hope your op goes well and you recover quickly.
Sorry i dont have an practical advice, but thinking of you x
thankyou just feeling sorry for myself Image
Hello fairymagic, I dont think you are feeling sorry for yourself, and even if you are, what is wrong with that! We are all entitled to having down days, why me days, and I think this is the place to scream and shout and others will listen and understand.
Love Marg Farmer.x
Hi fairymagic, you've a lot to cope with. Wishing you well with the op and a speedy recovery. K. x x
didnt have op had to put it on hold because terry has been bad now we have a socal worker maybe things mite get better and my life wont be such a hell x