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Hi Im Jill from Grimsby ive been caring for my husband for 6 years hes 48 and has blood clots in left arm and down left side, osteoparosis, hes a coeliac,he has a prolapsed disc in back, high blood pressure and high cholesterol hes also had 5 mini strokes which has now caused him to have slight memory loss and poor balance. Ive joined carers uk as Im not receiving any support where we are living at the moment.
Hi Jill, welcome to the Forum, plenty of friends here Image
hi jill wellcome you certenly have alot to cope with you will find frends on here i did it was the best thing i did if you want a chat any time send me a privat message *(pm)near my name take care Image Image
Hi Jill and welcome Image
Hi Jill welcome to the forum I've only recently found this site myself and it's been a great support to me. There's nothing better than talking to carers who understand where you're coming from. Welcome Image
Hello and welcome to the forums.

Tracey x
Hi Jill

welcome and i hope you enjoy yourself whilst getting some support and comfort from this site.

Dont you think it would be nice for a week or two to suffer from memory loss yourself and someone else take ownership for absolutely EVERYTHING ?
I know i do Image Image Image

Mandy - Kindness and Friendship
Hi Jill,
Welcome , you have a hard time of it. You are in a good crowd here. Image
Welcome Jill; you will find lots of friends here and also the opportunity for a rant when you need one, as we all do. Mandy, I love the idea of a week's memory loss - no caring, no worries, no thoughts of caree at all (sorry, mum!). Sign me up now Image

Im so selfish reading it back BUT...........it would be bliss as long as i could come back Image