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Where do I start getting help - Carers UK Forum

Where do I start getting help

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My Dad had a stroke 7 weeks ago. He's made excellent progress and they are hoping to send him home in the next couple of weeks. He is currently able to go short distances using a frame but no more. I am now realising the hard work starts here for my Mum but she isn't able or strong enough to do physical stuff. I am the closest family to them but I'm still an hour away. I am trying to find out what help they can access. I hear the term 'register disabled' lots when looking at things such as blue badges for his car (he will not drive again as his prolifery vision has gone, but Mum does), but I don't know if my Dad is considered disabled, who makes this judgement? How can I get help for him in the home - he can't get in their bath? What are the costs involved? Can they get help with the costs?

Oh I have so many questions and I don't know where to start or who to approach.

If anyone can suggest what to do please tell me.

Thank you for reading this. x
Hi, first port of call is social services, then your mum needs a carers assessment, social services should help with that. Social should also help get Welfare rights involved to help with finances.
As to getting into the bath, occupational health from the hospital should do an assessment of Dads needs in the home before he leaves the hospital.
He also needs to be registered a sight inpaired and will need a proper appointment at the hospital to establish exactly how much vision he has lost.
I found the Stroke Association website an enormous help when hubby had his stroke.
Your Dad will probably be entitled to a Blue Badge as well.
It is all complicated and takes time but Social Services should give your Mum all the help/advice she needs.
Hope your Dad continues to make good progress.
before sending your dad home, the ward staff should be thinking with the family how he will cope back home. Social Services is a good place to ask for help though there are often social workers based at hospitals. Ask to speak to one when you next visit. They will help you think about the return home and can also point you in other directions regarding help and support.

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I would suggest that you keep in the background and let Social Services do their assessments without including the care you give. They do basic feeding washing etc. but there will be so many other things that they won't do, that you will be able to. Find out about Attendance Allowance, arrange the forms for them, and offer to fill them in, but they will need to sign them. Do you parents have any significant savings? If not, their pension will increase if your dad is entitled to AA. My very disabled mum has a bath every morning, thanks to a bath seat which pumps up and down, provided by Social Services, so that's easily sorted. Make sure you know who will be the Care Manager. Mum had one from SS when she was in hospital, then as soon as she was discharged there was a gap when nothing happened, until another had been allocated!!! Take care.
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Have a good look around the main Carers UK website - there is loads of information on who to approach and where to go for advice Image


also contact the Carers UK Advice Line (details via this link viewtopic.php?f=4&t=128380 ) for information on available benefits
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