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Caring is very stressful we all know that being carers ourselves. I guess Carol has changed her mind about speaking. It is hard to speak. I didn't read the original post maybe she's new to caring. I hope she is able to sort something out as with the services they'll take their time and they don't care. In the meantime Carol if you're out there take it easy or you'll be no good to anyone. Come back if you like. No-one here will hold anything against you as we all know how straining caring is. Oh and these people who've responded to you they are good people who were only trying to help you by giving their time from caring to reply to you so take a thought on that...Many people have been through huge amounts as carers but they still try to assist others like you Carol so chill out and think about it okay. X
A very temperate (and goodtempered!) reply, Charm. Well done - thank you. J