Hi Joanne
Completely agree with Charles’s point about what would happen to your Mum if something were to happen to you. So just wanted to share my experience with you:

I’d been thinking exactly this about my Mum (eg what If I got covid, broke leg etc)) so talked with her about this and about idea of getting care agency once/week so they could get to know each other over time and if something happened to me she could turn to them. She agreed, started once/week, now twice/week, plus extra if needed.
I can’t tell you how HUGE a relief this felt to me when she started this.
Then I actually DID have an accident and thank goodness we’d organised this a few weeks before. Carers came, that she already knew and liked and they knew her.

One of my greatest worries has always been that it would be so hard for her if something were to happen to me. I cannot overstate how much emotional relief I have felt since this connection with the care agency has started.
I know all our situations are different but I hope you and your Mum may be able to come to something even though she may say she doesn’t need or want help from a care agency (my Mum also said this at first but after talking it through was fine about it). If she is connected to a care agency both you and she will already know who to call if you can’t come.

I chose the care agency after looking at reports on the Care Quality Commission website. Took a bit of time going through it but worth it as they are very good.
Best wishes and take care of yourself