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New girl in town - Carers UK Forum

New girl in town

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi everyone. I've just joined Carers UK and am starting to find my way round the website.

I've been a carer for a couple of years, looking after my elderly mum who has vascular dementia. At the moment, mum still manages to live in her own home with her little dog Smokey and a lot of help from me.

I've always been a very independent and travel-hungry person so losing that freedom has been the hardest thing for me. But I am learning to narrow my horizons and find all sorts of good things to be happy about. I'm also lucky to live in beautiful Eastbourne, officially the UK's sunniest town! Image

The rest of my family live in New Zealand and the feeling of carrying this responsibility alone is sometimes overwhelming, but I have some kind (and tolerant) friends and my local carer's organisation, Care for the Carers, has been very supportive.

Sorry, I don't want to whinge and I do know there are many carers in a much worse situation than me. I look forward to getting more involved with Carers UK and making new friends.

Best wishes, Alison
Hi Alison and a warm welcome to the forum, we have a few members in a similar positon to you, who I'm sure will be along at some point to add their welcomes. Roll call on carer to carer is a good place to get to know us all.

Hi Alison.

Welcome to the site.
Lots of frienly peeps here.
As K said, Roll call is a good place to get to know us, its where we have a daily moan. ( or i do ) Image

Tracey x
Hi Alison welcome to the forum!!! Image
Hello Alison and welcome to the forum.

I care for my 87 year old Mum who has Alzheimers - I moved in with her full time 2 years ago, but was caring 'at a distance' for 2 years before that. She also has a number of mobility related problems which, at least, stop her from wandering off - she's continually saying she 'must go home' and I'm sure if she was fitter she would be trying to find her way back to her childhood home in Battersea.

I manage to get some respite time from my sister (2 x 5 hours a week) who lives close by, but other than that it's me and her 24/7. Like you I miss my independence and freedom but am resigned to being in this situation for some time to come - Mum's not yet quite ready for a care home but does need someone with her 24/7.
hello and welcome
Hi and welcome Image
Welcome to the forum

x x
Hi Alison, Welcome to the Forum. Like you, I look after my mum (and her elderly senile cat, Havey, and like you, miss the freedom I once had. I too am the sole carer which makes it very difficult. The forum is my lifeline to people who understand. Once upon a time, I was a keen traveller and could take off at a moment's notice. I am luckier than some as my mum can still live alone, with help, but as time goes by, I can see that help will increase and my life will shrink further. On the plus side, we get along extremely well most of the time and are very close. Anyway, welcome again; you will find lots of people to talk to here.