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EMI Nursing Respite Care

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Hi All,
I've been caring for my Aunt for the last 14 months without a break.
I've had a carers assessment, and social services have agreed to allocate up to 3 weeks respite per year.
They've advised that they will need to source a bed in the private sector, but they can't start this process until 2-3 weeks prior the required dates. I'm aware that getting EMI nursing respite is extremely problematic, as care providers prioritise their revenue streams, and respite clients ALWAYS go to the back of the queue!

It's my understanding that if respite can not be sourced and I've given adequate notice to social services, the NHS is the last resort by way of a hospital admission ??

I'd really appreciate any advice - many thanks .....a worn down, weary, frustrated carer.
Hi Patrick,
You can't go to the NHS unless she is ill.
Might it be possible for them to get a live-in carer for the respite time?
My Aunt would need 2 carers x 24 hours and the cost would be approximately £4,500 for 1 week
Social Services wouldn't agree to this cost (understandably).
Since posting yesterday, I've made numerous enquiries with nursing homes, and the answer is:
"We don't pre-book respite as we give priority to long term clients"
"Try contacting us a few days before your holiday - if we have a vacancy we will consider respite subject to assessments. If she has major needs, we wouldn't really want to commit".

Hence my comment about hospital admission - if there are no facilities what other option is there other than hospital admission ?

I'm at my wits end! Help!
Given that, I can't believe a live-in carers would be that much!

Why does she need two carers - is it for hoisting and so on? ie, do two carers need to be present all the time, or only sometimes? That would make a big difference to costs.

Given that a live in carer costs something like about £130-150 (max) a day (this is about what my friend pays, when she goes on holiday and has a live in carer to look after her dad), that only comes to just over a thousand pounds a week for one carer - so doubling that would be around £2000 (IF she even needs a second carer there constantly!). Which is still less than HALF that ludicrous sum of £4,500 you are being quoted.

What are your care cirumstances? I ask, because one 'option' might be to play 'hardball' with the council, and say that if you don't get a break, you are chucking in the towel and walking away. NONE of us has a duty of care for anyone else - sometimes we have to remind councils of that!
The cost is based on 2 carers x 24 hours x 7 days @ £13.50 per hour.
Agencies insist on 2 carers at all times to comply with insurance as there are severe mobility issues and risks to skin integrity. My ' hard ball' approach is hospital, as I doubt I will ever be able to source EMI nursing respite at a reasonable rate - say £800 per week.
If she has been assessed as needing 2 nurses 24/7 then I'd be going back to the CHC people and asking for a reassessment!
Hi Patrick
What is Aunt's financial situation? It shouldn't be you funding respite costs.
If she is self funding it should come from her money not yours.

If she's not Self funding and SS have agreed respite then I suggest you pick a date for your holiday and notify ss of it and let them find the home or the care.
If she's not self funding you have been saving SS £4500 a week for 14 months ( that's a whopping Quarter of a million!!!) and I think they owe you a week off (imho)
She's had an assessment for NHS continuing care and the MDT agreed she met the criteria. However, the health board overruled their decision on the grounds that intensity and complexity, and that her care needs could be managed by myself and care workers. She is over the capital limits so needs to self fund all her care.

The council are happy to fund respite in an EMI nursing home Follow my carers assessment, but finding a nursing home is almost impossible. The private sector don't like EMI nursing respite - they prefer permanent residents - it's all down to the profits they can generate.

My holiday is booked, so if I abandon her, social services will have to admit her to hospital. Of course, in reality, I won't go on holiday.

There should be at least one council run home that can accommodate all care needs and that can be pre-booked, but they've all closed because of lack of funding.
Why don't you want her to be admitted to hospital? For a week, it sounds the ideal place for her!

For heaven's sake do NOT cancel your holiday. Just GO.

I mean, even if she's a bit unhappy for a week, it's just a WEEK. You've been dedicated to her for 14 months! What on EARTH is fair about that?


PS - why don't you ask one of the local care agencies to come and take a look at her, and see whether they think she needs TWO carers constantly in attendance? If they don't, then she could have a live in carer for that week as I suggested.