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New carer

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Caring for mum aged 90 who has Parkinson's and delirium and also for dad 89 years old who has terminal cancer. I'm currently unemployed and on JSA I'm struggling to look for work with all this going on. Should I tell DWP that I need to be a full time carer cannot afford to lose money tho?
Aw bless you coping with both parents illness.so sorry to hear that. I do think it would be a wise idea to tell them your full time caring as looking for a job and starting a job on top of looking after your parents will be alot stress on top of you. Do u get any outside help with your parents care as it is alot to be dealing with and for benefit advice i know people on this forum recomend the carers advice line
Hi we are just about to get 3 visits a day from the care team for mum still waiting for palliative care team to get sorted for dad. Luckily I have my sister as well so we share the care but it's 24/7 so still not easy
As its round the clock care 24/7 this will be very hard for you think let alone do jobsearching. It would be better letting them know of your caring situation.are your parents in receipt of attendance allowance or disabilty benefit that will enable you to claim a carers allowance. It would be a good idea to get a assentment done by social services to see what other help they can provide for your mum while yous are nursing your dad with his terminal illness
Sally, if you are on Carers Allowance you don't have to look for work. Are your parents on Attendane Allowance? Carefs UK has a brilliant helpline, email them and they will get back to you.