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New boy - Carers UK Forum

New boy

Tell us a bit about yourself here.

My name is Mick and I look after my parents who are both 88. Compared to a lot of you I think my task is relatively easy! My parents have lived in the same large house for 55 years. I am enabling them to stay there. I managed to buy the house next door and live there with my partner Simon. I'm am lucky enough to be able to survive without working so I am on call 24hrs for Mum and Dad. I came back from Australia 3 years ago to do this. Two days ago I thought I was losing it. I became weepy and depressed. My normal disposition is happy and calm. I found myself getting cross and bad tempered with both parents . Mum and I have always got on well and I was really upset with myself for finding her so annoying! Dad is constantly talking about death and his funeral. Simon has been overseas for 2 months trying to get a new business going. I can understand now a little about feeling isolated and ignored. Mind you yesterday the weather was better, I spent the day in their garden mowing etc, and generally we all got on a lot better. This forum is great. I looked it up the other day when i thought it was all too much. Thank you to all of you involved.
Hi Mick and welcome to the forum!
Just rushing to work, but didn't want to read and run! there will be others along shortly to welcome you too!
Take care,
Hi Mick, welcome to the forum. Do you have any help caring for mum and dad? However much we love our parents caring can be very tiring, and it gets worse as they, and us, get older. Have they ever had a needs assessment from Social Services. Have they given you a recent carers assessment. We all get a bit down at times, its usually a sign that we just need a complete break for a few days to recharge the physical and emotional batteries. When did you last have a holiday?
Hello and welcome Image
It's not easy Mick but we are here for you when you need us. I too feel very gulity for getting annoyed and snappy with my soon to be 90 year old mother who lives with me, it's all part of caring I guess. It must be difficult with you partner being away, have you no one else to lend some support? x
Hi Mick and a warm welcome from me.
Hello and welcome.


Just wanted to wish you a warm welcome.

Your parents are very lucky to have you next door - I have recently moved to a couple of miles away from my mum. But look after yourself too. Make sure that you and Simon have a bit of a life together.

Come across to Roll Call and get to know us; it helps with the isolation and it is a good place to have a rant too!

Hello and welcome, I'm sure you'll get a lot of support on here, you will be listened to if nothing else, and that's important. Take care. Image
hi im new too so this is my first hello Image