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About me

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Hi I am new to the forum.
I am a 44 yrs old. I have a son 15yrs old who has always struggled at school and the teachers were not really very supportive and did not really give the help he required. We had a long battle to get a diagnosis of autism and aspects of adhd, but this was to little to late. We removed him from school as reached crisis point and no help available( 14yrs) diagnosed a year later. Still trying to get support but keep getting knockedback.
I have a 17yr old daughter who is undiagnosed with aspects of adhd so was a handfull to bring up as never slept, lacks organisational skills and always running late.
I was bought up by my gran who is now 84 and has alzeimers and although she now has a care package i am the main one in the family that see's her sorts her finances, medical appointments and looks out for her welfare.
I am also a self employed holistic therapist and turor.
I have found it really difficult over the years to hold everything together for everyone else, at the detriment to my own passions, personal interests as giving and looking after everyone else at home and through work always mean i put my self last.
I ended up leaving my full time lecturing job in 2010 as was so stressfull trying to juggle my kids and my mum and stay on top of work. I did not know at the time my kids had got special needs, as kept getting told by teachers that my son just was not doing his work or not responding or coping and perhaps their is someting going on at home, or lack of discapline. I ended up being a full time carer for my mum for a year but it made me ill. I eventually got the support she needed but had to go and seek it myself.
I am still fighting to get help for my son. We desperatly want him to get back into education, we applied for EHCP and DLA refused both. My son now hardly ever leaves the house and has a myriad of health problems caused by lack of vit D and not wanting to go outside. On top of this i work from home and little time left for me.
Im feeling a bit fed up at the moment. Maybe this forum will spur me on.
I don't talk about my responsabilities to people and they see me as a succesful happy busy woman, but they do not know how much i juggle on a daily basis.
Hi Sarah, welcome to the forum. Have you ever heard of IPSEA? Google them for more information, they were great when I needed support for my brain damaged son. (More later, supposed to be doing lots of housework!!)