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Hi all new to this - Carers UK Forum

Hi all new to this

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi everybody only really been finding things out with regards to being a carer just recently
Been caring for a family member for around a year now
I did originally work part time but became a bit too much
So now I just get the weekly carers Allowence and since March from leaving job went into universal credits
So with all that sorted now just curious is there any other stuff I may be entitled to
Anything really or any good advice
That may help myself with anything I do daily or weekly
Leisure activity’s or things I could do that offer any discounts
Obviously money is not great combined
Carers and universal credits
Many thanks in advance for any advice
Welcome to the forum.
Can I ask a bit about who you care for, age, disability, benefits they claim, own or rent their house, over £23,000 in savings? What does he/she give you for the care you provide?
Has your caree had a Needs Assessment from Social Services in the last year, and you, a Carers Assessment?
There is a reason for asking these questions, as it affects you directly/indirectly.
Hi, is your caree entitled to any outside care at all? That way, you could have the possibility of part time work again, as with Carer's Allowance you can still earn something like £120 a week (the rates have just gone up a tad).

Who is it you care for? Is it a 'lifetime' commitment - ie, if it's your child, say. If an elderly parent, then you have to 'think ahead' to the time when they are, eventually, no more, and you want to pick up your work/career/life again, so it's a god idea to 'keep you hand in' during your caring years, if that' at all possible.

If, howevee, it's your spouse you care for, then that's a trickier call to make if your life spans are likely to be the same (sadly, not always the case even with couples.)

The thing with caring is that all too often what we can manage for a year or two is NOT what we can sustain indefinitely. As the years go by, so does our life.... we HAVE to try and get SOME of our life back, even if that is at the expense of the preferences of our carees.

(For example, a friend of mine has her elderly dad with dementia living with her. She is a dedicated daughter, but the only way she can ever get breaks/holidays, away from it all, is by brining in a carer to live in and 'substitute' for herself. The dad doesn't like it - he wants his daughter there all the time, but my friend is adamant - having to 'put up' with a carer livingin for a few days/couple of weeks max, is just the price he has to pay - willingly or not! - for being able to live with his daughter full time, instead of a care home. If she didn't get her breaks, SHE would be the one to break....catastrophicaly.....)
Hi thanks for reply’s
I’ll start with I care for my brother he is 24 he has mental health problems and other issues Tourette’s syndrome adhd
Learning difficulties hence he is in assisted living dose not live with me but obviously spend a lot of time to help him with his needs personal care and other things
He has no savings nor do I
Don’t think there has been any assisted assessment for either of us so far
He gets pip personal care component not the mobility part tho
And think esa I’m sure on top
Me as stated carers for my brother and universal credits
It will possibly be a life time thing I would say as has been for him since 8 years old
My other thing on top of this is I live with my uncle who is 74 soon and his health not great to had to have things done to property due to his falls and balance problems help from occupational therapy and deaf support
Things better but he won’t get any better now
He gets aa and his pension
So it’s for me difficult to do much as I help my uncle a lot as he really only has me to be fair and we’ve been very close since I was a child like a kind of father figure I guess
So other then helping/caring for my uncle best I can as I live here I also care for my brother who also is close to me to me he is my little brother
So I don’t get much time to do very much really and I have a son who I see also a lot
So work definitely carnt really do it’s just impossible right now I did try as I stated but Heavily drained and tired excessively really
So easy with not so many other things going on
So I was just after info really if everything I get was right and any other stuff available to me in my current situation
I’ve no issues with what I do as I’ve lived pritty much a quite life anyways so to me I’m ok doing what I’m doing for family really
Think curiosity set in to reach out and see anything available to me
My uncle lives in council property to so yes no about rent and council reductions as they let us no anyway
Think is was more to me personally anythingout there for me that could benefit me really
Think I’ve tryed to cover most stuff I think
Thanks for anyone that’s got in touch so far
As carnt always get thou to most services
And I’d probably just plod along doing what I do and not get anything else I’m entitled to if the is anything and maybe people on here in similar situations that could guide me right direction thanks again
Money wise, you're not going too get rich caring. Might be wrong, but I think as you are fit to work, the carers allowance is the only entitlement. If you have your carers assessment, the Local Authority may award you up to £30 every four weeks, towards respite for yourself.

Have you thought, returning back to work part time, could be the best way forward. Not only will it boost your self esteem, it will put money in your pocket. Also, you will benefit by interacting with others, away from caring. You have said yourself, both persons you care for will deteriorate health wise, as time goes on. Having time away from your responsibilities, will be crucial to your own wellbeing.

On the practical side, a carers assessment for yourself, and a needs assessment for the ones you care for are crucial when making plans for the future, regardless.

Planning is so much rewarding than plodding, don't you think?