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Stressed out and going insane - Carers UK Forum

Stressed out and going insane

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Hi every one.
I'm a single working mum, last September I moved back in with my mum who has MND to care for her and to spend some quality time together before she dies. Other than that I don't even know where to begin I'm that overwhelmed by everything. I need help and I honestly don't know how to get it. I went to see my dr and she said what I was feeling was normal and brushed me off. Which made me feel even worse like I'm sub human for not being able to cope with my feelings.
hello im quite new too and finding this site very helpful and encouraging, so dont feel shy about telling us your problems as everyone seems to be going through something similar.you do sound stressed .whats the worst bit about your situation?having a moan on here has certainly stopped me going insane.so will be listening if you need to talk
Hi Dolly,
Your GP is useless. Here, we all know how stressful caring can be. Help starts here, I hope. First things first. Social Services should have done a "Needs Assessment" for mum. Entirely separately, and privately, you should have had a "Carers Assessment" - a time for you to talk to the social worker about anything and everything that is troubling you. DON'T let them do this by phone, or by sending you a form. Demand to have a face to face discussion. Next, write down everything that is troubling you about caring for mum, ideally on the computer so you can then shuffle it into order of importance to you. It can be anything you like, it could be knowing mum is safe when you are at work; how to get a Lifeline; or how to get a bath seat. If you would like to share the list, one or two items at a time, there are bound to be people here who have an answer for you. Remember, looking after your own health, physical and mental, is every bit as important as mum's, because if you get ill, what would happen to mum? We often say "Stop trying to be Superwoman." It's quite OK to ask for help, because the more help you have, the longer you will be able to care for.
Bowlingbun has given some really good advice and I would agree with it entirely - including the bit about the useless GP.