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New and feeling guilty

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
My mum (86) has constant problems with UTI's, even in hospital. She is 86, and I'm coming to the conclusion, that it seems to be a problem which increases with age.
Hey guys thanks so much it helps to know others around like me... Good news today based on lab tests of mums urine they have prescribed anti biotics as she has higher than normal blood in her urine she has ultra sound on 1st so it may rule things out that's if she lets them do it she flat refused the endoscopy of her bladder bless her.
Don't think sibs will do rota to be fair my bro lives 50 miles from me and sis about 120 that's why I thought an over night stay might be good although bro be no good as he goes into melt down out of his own house ....families lol most of the time I keep my humour others times could scream at the top of my voice and then sometimes can cry on and off all day emotional roller coaster ......
Many of us share your frustrations about family members!!!
Hello Martij, Welcome! I too look after my dad who had a stroke 3 years ago and work full time! My sis lives 200 miles away, and I am on my own doing all the graft most of the time! We are in a routine now, but it is hard! I am permanently knackered, and there is always something that crops up! My sis does come up when she can though, and she is supportive. I am lucky I have supportive employers! With one thing and another I haven't put a full week in since going back in the New year! Numerous appointments! he broke his glasses the other week and had to sort that out! I never know what is going to happen next.
It is a shame your siblings aren't very supportive! My dad isn't that keen on going in to respite either! he has been once, and hated it. I will have to try him in a different place next time. We do have to look after ourselves as well!

Take care. Kind regards. xx
im new to site and not good at computers so hope this works.just wanted to say that continuous anti biotics for UTIs worked for my mum and has at least reduced one problem as infections made her even loopier.definately worth getting doc. to prescribe them