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NEW AND FED UP - Carers UK Forum


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hi everyone i am new on here
i have been a carer for 26 years and on 1st july my companion was rushed to hospital and put on life support they are now in another hospital 64 miles away and not only bed bound but has had to have a tracheotomy fitted for the rest of there life i am fighting to get them home with chc but at moment looking very bleak
i have been stripped of my carers allowance and have been told in 8 weeks i have to go on jsa and get a job but everyday i am travelling the 64 miles to see my companion and if i did not do this the person would give up
im sat here tonight feeling very depressed and alone and if i had a bottle of drink id drink it
i feel at 49 as if my life has been turned upside down and noone seems to care or listen to me when i raise concerns
i not only feel this country has let me down but the nhs is failing the country aswell
what my companion has had to deal with is appalling Image
(((((((hugs)))))) Deborah. Sorry we had all gone to bed when you posted.
I agree, its a rotten system, you get penalised just at the time when you need most help. Im not so hot on questions of benefit, so I always advise people to contact the carersuk help-line. They are very good at stuff like that.
64 miles and back is a heck of a way to travel every day - you must be exhausted. Plus the emotional stress taking its toll too, no wonder you are feeling down.
Oh Deborah, We all know how you are feeling. How we keep the lid on things as a huge group of carer's is nothing short of amazing. Does it help just to know that someone out there is listening and knows exactly how your feeling? I do hope so. As Crocus says find out about your rights not only from the health and welfare side of things, but from the financial side too from the help line on this site. There are a good few members who are also well informed regarding every aspect within the system....they give this help for free!! If they were paid they'd earn a fortune!!

Take care (((hugs))) xxx
Hi Deborah,

your situation sounds unsustainable and you are under a lot of strain. I think your GP should be helping you to move your companion closer to home and when everything is place back home. I have no clue about the financial side of things, but have heard great things about the carer's helpline.

Hope you find the forum a source of practical support and friendship.

Hi Deborah, that sound so unfair! I too can't offer any advice on benefits, but understand your frustration. Sending you big ((((((HUGS)))))) and hope you find this site and the great people here supportive xx
thank you all for your kind words
unfortunately my champion become really poorly last night and they had to call crash team i only found out by a patient on the ward
today when visiting i thought how poorly they looked and was fobbed off several times by the nursing staff until they had to call crash team again
i have insisted that a doctor check them out and guess what fluid on lungs legs etc etc
i am trying to see my doctor as feel like my mental state is suffering and i cant afford for that to happen
anyway once again thank you so much Image
(((hugs)))) deborah. The unknown is always the worst.
Going to see your GP sounds like a good idea