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Disabled holiday's

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I am a full time carer for my disabled son, he suffers from cerebal palsy and has serious epiliptic fit. He was born with this condition so I have cared for him since birth, which is 32 years now. I would love to take him on holiday in the UK but I am unable to find anywhere that facilitates for his conditon. I need accommodation with hoist, hospital bed, wet room and ramp facilities. I have really struggled to find anywhere, and we both despertly need a change of scenery.

Any advice would be gratefully be apprectiated, thanks in advance.
Thank you for your warm welcome, I shall look into your recommendation.

It is great to know there is a fantastic website/network here for us carers, we can feel so isolated at times, so its great to know I am not alone.

Thank you.

Here's the link for vitalise.

Welcome to the forum Icare.
Thank you, I have had a look and it looks fantastic the only problem is it states they are unable to take people with following difficulties:

a) Mental health difficulties, including personality disorders
b) Learning difficulties
c) Severe, uncontrolled epilepsy
d) Persons totally bed dependent

My son suffers from epilepsy and has learning difficulties. He is in a wheel chair at all times and I will be there to assist him and care for him. The place sounds ideal for going from home to home for facilities with the different scenery and day trips. Has anyone managed to go on these holidays with someone with my sons condition? I will phone them Monday as they are closed to enquire over the weekend.

Thank you.
I just looked up the Vitalise site. It's true- they won't take people with learning difficulites- they then go on to say they don't discriminate on the grounds of disability. Doh Image
Hello Icare and welcome to the forum.

I've just googled 'holidays cerebral palsy epilepsy' and got the following link

Might be worth a look at ?
Thank you shall look at the website.