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Hi, I'm new to the forum and need a bit of advice. I have an elderly dad of 87 who was in his own home up until 5 weeks ago with support of ourselves and a carer once a day. He had a fall and ended up in hospital for 4 weeks with a chest infection and a general deterioration as well as developing Delirium. He was discharged from hospital after we were advised he needed 24 hour care but medical staff couldn't tell us if this was going to be a permanent arrangement or not so we have also kept his flat on in case he is allowed home.
Anyway we were told by the social worker allocated to him to go away and google care homes and when we had found one to let her know and arrangements would be made to get him transferred.This we duly did and he was discharged but within 36 hours had fallen again and was readmitted via A/E with pneumonia this time.
He is still in hospital at present and has been for almost a week now but I am unsure of he will need nursing care of residential care as I am unsure of the difference and the social worker is nothing short of useless...
Does anybody know the criteria for needing nursing care as opposed to Residential care...
Hi Andrea and welcome,
Sorry to hear your Dad has been so poorly. The social worker doesn't sound very helpful, though at least they aren't pushing you into agreeing to somewhere you don't like.

I have seen others on here recommend care homes which offer both residential care and nursing care on the grounds that a relative may start off needing a care home but progress to needing nursing care in the future. I would suggest visiting a few homes and speaking to the manager about the care your a Dad will need and they will advise you re whether or not he needs nursing care.

Others will be along to advise further.

Hi Andrea, welcome to the forum.
BEFORE Social Services become involved, the hospital is required to do an "NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist", Google this for more information. You should be involved in this. INSIST this is done, tell the hospital dad isn't going anywhere until it is.
Does dad own his flat? NHS CHC gives totally free care wherever dad is, however otherwise, if he owns his flat, he will be classed as "self funding". If you are looking for a home that he will never ever need to move from then it should cover care, nursing care and EMI, elderly mentally infirm. Many homes now have all three types of care in one building, maybe on a different floor or a different wing.
To answer you question, care homes don't have to have a qualified nurse on duty at all times, nursing homes do.
Care homes are for those who might need a bit of help dressing, washing, or getting around, but can often manage on their own. Nursing homes are for those with more complex needs, maybe bed bound, or needing the regular involvement of a qualified nurse.
Is dad already claiming Attendance Allowance?
Feel free to ask whatever you want, it's a subject I've come to know fairly well, having supported all four elderly parents!
Hi Andrea,

And welcome to the Forum, although sorry for the circumstances that bring you here.

My understanding, and I am no expert but just someone who had to find a nursing care home for my mum, is that nursing homes have to have qualified nurses on site and therefore more able to deal with minor medical issues whereas a standard care home does not. ... homes.aspx

My mum's home combined the two, as do many. People entered on the ground floor which provided residential care; as their needs progressed, they moved to other floors which provided nursing care. It goes without saying that nursing care is also more expensive.

I too would suggest a home that can cope with dad's increasing needs as you don't want him to move twice. As Bowlingbun says, it then comes down to money and whether dad is self-funding or not. If not, Social Services will need to do a financial assessment.

In the meantime, while dad is in hospital, it might be an idea to visit some likely homes to give you an idea of what your preferred option is. Sometimes it is good to have an idea of what you want before you enter into argument with Social Services.

Good luck, and ask away as you have questions, Anne x
Thanks so much for your advice. I never realised it's such a minefield until we've had to do this as a family. He doesn't own his own property and we have had a financial assesment completed regarding funding for his care. however, the social worker told us yesterday that his case hasn't even gone to panel yet so he has got a place in a care home but the funding hasn't even been agreed on. :cry: :cry: :cry:
We have been included in his assessment on the ward today and had the opportunity to ask lots of questions so hopefully when he is discharged for the second time we can be assured he is in the right place.
Fingers crossed it will all come together but I think what has compounded the whole thing is having a social worker who is clueless !!!
They ARE clueless - because they are not on the same page as us, not singing from the same hymn sheet whatever you want to call it.
They go home to their 'normal ' lives at the end of the day - we don't we just carry on and on and on and on..........

Just to say that they were still arguing the funding for my mum's nursing home when she died, six months after entering the home. Once the place is agreed, I found the manager of the nursing home an invaluable asset for anything financial. After all, the home wants their money!

Stay strong, one day at a time and you will get there, Anne x