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Financial strain

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Hi all my son 10!has severe disabilities if unnamed them it's as long as my arm . I get DVLA and carers allowance . My daughter is 16 and has recently been diagnosed with Anorexia and is having treatment and a huge concern on her heart rythem at present . I am driving 40 miles each way 3 times a week plus another day spent having Bloods and ECG weekly . I am struggling financial on the huge cost of travelling , caring for my son and I also gave a 4. Year old at pre school I have now had to put in full time which all these hours aren't covered by benefits . Please what help is out their ? Mentally I am falling apart I'm a single parent due to father not being able to cope with my son . who has tendencies to be violent . And money worries are really tipping me over the edge . I love my children with all my heart and if I could trade place I could :(
Teresa, that's a huge amount for you to be coping with! I'm sorry I can't give any actual help or information, but I do know that the forum is full of members who know their way around what you are entitled to, plus there are the experts on the Helpline.

May I just say that, even if your son's father 'can't cope' with your son, I DO HOPE that he is contributing financially to the costs involved in caring for him. At least he could give money, even if he 'can't cope' (er, just as well you 'can cope' isn't it???????!!!!!!!)

I do hope that joining the forum can show you a way to ease all the pressures on you.

Kindest wishes, at such a difficult time for you, Jenny
Hi Teresa and Welcome
Sorry you are having such a terrible time of it.
Contact the help line -or e-mail them -on this site and they will help you sort out what benefits and financial aid you should be having and how to get it. Click on the help and advice red button on the top of the page for details.
Hope you get something sorted soon.
Hi Teresa
I'm sorry to hear you are having such a tough time. I'm unable to advise sadly, just wanted to welcome you. Someone will be able to give you guidance I'm certain.
Pet 66
Have you asked the hospital for help with travelling costs if you are on benefits?