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Needing help

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Hi pet66 it was very frustrating as i cant figure out when you say it is urgent what does that mean to the individual anyhow i am as per usual because this is my nature giving them the chance to make the phone call tomorrow and i will be assertive for a definate day well as you say my hubby has not had a diagnosis so i have no idea at all i am only second guessing more so because the more and more i read about certain symptoms and the more my hubby displays these i only in my own mind think hang on this is so coincidental but i still will not know until a diagnosis it is all ifs and buts at present moment in time which is the hardest part :(
Hi no phone call as yet from ASS however have just had a phone call from hubbies GP surgery asking to make an appointment for him as a letter has arrived and they would like to discuss it no clue as to who or where from obviously receptionist could not discuss it so have to wait till Wednesday his appointment that was given i am feeling quite nervous and a little apprehensive at what may be :(
Hi Susan. Can you ask them for an earlier appointment? Phone each day to see if there are any cancellations. It seems a long time to wait
Hi pet66 exactly what i was thinking as it has me over thinking now what can it be who is the letter from whats it all about and will more than enough stress me out till Wednesday because i am at the ifs and buts stage again i have the appointment with the carers association at 10 in the morning i am thinking should i actually pop into the surgery before i go and ask if there is any emergency appointments left for that day it will be better than mulling it over all weekend anyhow pardon my manners you keep advising me and i am very grateful however never seem to ask how you are doing and how you feeling :)
I would, the not knowing is harder than the overthinking. Or ask the doctor to phone you.
There is nothing to pardon!.You are going through a very traumatic time with it seems very little support from the powers that be.
Thank you for asking. I'm ok, trying to move forward as much as possible. Have days of despair then better ones. Am managing to meet friends without too much guilt. ( Sometimes)
But my dear, I now know what my husband is suffering with. I know he will decline. He already has. I know I'm grieving for the man he was and our relationship. But the fact is I know. You, unfortunately do not have the answers yet. Guessing and googling and trying to find a miracle is far worse. I hope you will have an answer soon. Better knowing than not, however heartbreakingly painful
Thanks pet66 i would phone but the system here is you dont get to talk to the doctor who has dealt with hubby all this time and fully aware of his situation it is actually the doctor on call duty so it could be one that you have never even seen yes it is an awful feeling playing this guessing game constantly plus the more you google and read the more it prays on your mind like i said seems just a vicious circle however i am really glad you are able to make friends and have time even though its funny how that quilty feeling never leaves you and in the back of your mind your always thinking should i be doing this its all consuming for you and may i just ask it must be hard for you always thinking of that relationship you had thinking of the hubby he was before this all happened? take care :)
Hi i actually went in to my doctors and asked about a different appointment emergency one and no luck am afraid this is the earliest with his seen doctor who is knowledge of the case so i am sticking with Wednesday just in case this is how i feel now why push it as if i do seem to get no where still and if i push it that much will they make it harder for us i am so confused and stuck as i mentioned to someone about complaining and was told oh maybe that will make people not help you as much so WHAT DO I DO? why is it like everywhere i turn am made to feel alienated :(
I like to find out what people are supposed to do first, what the Care Act says, etc. To the best of my knowledge and belief I never ever ask or expect anyone to do what they should be doing anyway. I also believe that we have a collective duty to protect the most vulnerable in our community, by complaining about sub standard service. I only started to get what I needed by making complaints. I also complained about the way the SSD had wrongly charged my mum, and as a result, got £8,000 refunded. Hopefully, in future they will remember the rules better!
BB has a very good point.
Also, whoever said to you that if you complain you will get less help,cannot realise you are not getting any support anyway. You can make complaints in a polite but assertive way. You have every right to.
Thanks again for advice i know it makes complete sense as that is my outlook always i am the only one who is there for hubbies needs being so vunerable and fragile i try my best to keep cool in the situations dealing with professionals in a polite manner but i must say it is getting to the point where i feel like i could explode which i nearly done with the person who said the remark yet again it is easy for other people to input but it isnt them dealing with all and sundry at precise moment in time :angry:
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