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Needing help

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Susan, I've had to ring DWP many times.
Step 1. Go to loo.
Step 2. Make coffee.
Step 3, turn on TV programme you like.
Step 4. Ring number.
Step 5, while waiting for reply, drink coffee.
Step 6, Watch TV.
Step 7. Speak to someone with little training, just regurgitating what's on screen, or the official line.
Step 8. Get her name.
Step 9. Ask to speak to supervisor.
Repeat Step 8 as many times as it takes.
Step 10. Make more coffee!
Always get name of person you speak to. Write down the date of time you rang, etc. in a diary for future reference. I have found that once you get past the first member of staff, as long as you keep your cool and say how much you need the decision, that very often they can speed things up.
However, you need to realise that most local offices are closed now. I live near Southampton, but any communication now goes to a Processing Centre near Swindon (unless that's now closed!!!)
Never ever ring DWP when you are feeling really harassed.
Thanks bb you right but i tell you what i am sooo not used to dealing with these individuals i get myself too vexed i totally agree i should learn but maybe it comes with time and experience of dealing with this bloody system funnily enough later on in the afternoon the lady from AGE UK whom filled all the PIP forms in for us actually rang and said have you heard anything back i explained NO but i did ring them and this was there response she was appalled and is going to ring them herself first thing on Monday morning maybe she will have more luck fingers crossed :roll: Is this a learning curve i don't know but if it is just through my experience alone it is a bloody hard one and i am just one of them small fish in that big ocean out there honestly speaking am totally lost :cry:
I started dealing with them when I was just 19, in a new job, so I've had lots of practice!!!
OMG bb that is so young to start dealing with them no wonder you are spot on with your advice you must be one hell of a strong woman am thinking would i be able to do it i don't know :? Thumbs up to you :) xx
Hi i know it has been a while since being on the forum but being back to work and dealing with all sorts has pushed other things to the back boiler anyhow just an update hubby did eventually get PIP through all due to the good work of the lady whom helped tremendously from the AGE UK cannot thank her enough on the other side of the coin i did post before about that damned memory clinic wanting hubby to have a DAT SCAN even after being diagnosed by his Neurologist anyway he went ahead and had the scan that was actually 4 weeks ago and we have not heard a thing back from them yet and this is to get him started on some form of medication for the Lewy Body Dementia(Thumbs up to them for being so on the ball :roll:) I am angry about this as we had a phone call from the research centre and they want hubby to go on a trial which he could be prime candidate but because of the memory clinics slow advance in actually getting round to dealing with hubbies scan results and getting him on that medication he needs and should have been on way before now it has put him back on going on these trials sooner than and this is the anger in me yet again playing with peoples lives but that's ok it is not them going through this :angry: I also am looking for any advice about choking episodes and what maybe can be done to help as hubby had a choking episode for the first time yesterday which i know the had told me he would start to develop swallowing difficulties in this form of Dementia but we where actually sitting in a certain cafe and he had this episode which no one actually got up to even offer help i was absolutely panicking trying to stay calm at the same time for his benefit but could see he was in a state of distress anyhow it resolved itself but i was in total shock for the whole day keep thinking about it so has anyone been through similar kind of experience and what did you do to help? much appreciated and Take Care All xx
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