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Needing help

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Hi i am new to the forum i actually just joined 5 minutes ago i am a carer for my 57 year old husband who was treated for a water infection around 6 weeks ago he was given antibiotics and the infection was cleared up totally but has been left with terrible mental health problems for instance sleepless nights/memory problems/frustration and the list goes on doctors have informed us this case is very unusual as theses symptoms usually only appear in very older people so results being him put on medications after medications finally getting an appointment with a nuerologist on the 8th august but in the mean time left to cope totally on my own with this i feel deflated and totally let down thats without the sleepless nights i have with him and the problems through the days its like a vicious circle that cant be broken i am absolutely shattered and feel so alone now i know finally what it means by saying i need help :(
Hi and a warm welcome to the forum. I don't want to be a scaremonger but was your hubby tested to see if he had suffered a mini stroke or mild stroke, there is also the possibility that the infection hasn't cleared properly but isn't showing up on tests, it may be worth pushing for further tests/investigations.

This has been so awful for you both. I do so agree with no1Mum.
I think you need to try another GP or even the first one again, and say that he may be getting worse and can he be referred urgently for a hospital medical opinion.

Also get a specimen bottle from the surgery for another specimen, if your husband has not had a sample repeated in the last 6 weeks.

Please come back on and let us know how things have been, when you get a chance.
Hi in answers to your questions yes it has been tested time and time again to see if the infection is cleared from his system and the results always come back the same negative for infection plus its been done not only by his gp also by two different local hospitals plus he actually got that bad a few weeks back with symptoms i actually had to make the choice of having admitted to a local pyschiatric unit which left me feeling so quilty and devasted as i never thought i would have to make that decision in my life and all the time i am told its trial and error but everything they seem to give him has zilch results leaving him with all those problems regardless in my personal opinion i honestly believe there is something more underlying like perhaps a chemical inbalance in his brain i am only guessing here because i am not medically wise but i seem as though i have bent over backwards to do everything they have asked of me to aid my husband and his recovery in every way then personally speaking to be told we have tried and it has us as doctors baffled so there you go some more different medications and advice its up to you now :angry:
Forget to mention while he was in hospital he had a MRI scan and Lumber puncture done so i obviously presumed they would check for strokes etc also forgetting my manners thankyou very much for welcoming me to the forum :)
Hi Susan
Think carefully, before the Urine infection, were there any signs at all of your husband's current problems? I'm thinking along the line of (silly example) if someone had flu, recovered but had a terribly swollen wrist would you put it down to the flu or the fall they had the day before they were ill? Maybe the wrist is broken. Do you see what I mean?
I'm wondering if perhaps the current symptoms and the infection are not related. Probably the GPs etc have thought of that.
There is a charity/organisation called MIND. I haven't had any experience myself but I wonder if a call to them explaining his current symptoms and the assumed cause might ring any bells with them?
Don't let NHS write you off and expect you to cope. Keep shouting.
You don't have to wait for a diagnosis to get help. Ring Social Services and ask for an URGENT Needs Assessment for him and a Carers Assessment for yourself.
Hi thanks for the replies yes that is what i am exactly thinking he did have little traits before all this came about but because he then was taken to hospital they diagnosed it as a water infection and have decided to go down that route regardless and i am told constantly oh its the effects off this water infection but none of this seems to ring true with me now i took him to his GP two days ago and she prescribed zolipdem sleeping tablets which the chemist had to order in so i gave him the first one last night low and behold he has never slept all night and has symptoms of even more confusion/hallucinations/odd behaviour that is why i am now sitting writing this at precise moment in time and i actually funnily enough got in touch with MIND just yesterday asking if they had any help or support they could offer and i am awaiting answer plus could i just ask about going down the route of phoning social services and having a assessment because i did have him assessed by the crisis team and this was the result of him being admitted to the pschyciatric unit which he was pumped with all sorts of medications being told its trial and error then finally giving him olazapine then seeing a little subsidence in his behaviour they discharged him however once home the problem remains so i am bit unsure about asking for help from the likes of social services as will it be down that same route again with the same end results because i dont think we could possibly deal with the likes of the crisis team again they bitterley disappointed me with the way they handled the whole situation regarding my husband :angry:
Hi Susan,
Social services can't prescribe things or make medical decisions. They can assess the situation for you both, separately and consider what help you might need. There is no harm in seeing how helpful they are. Indeed, you must try to get help through social services, who should recognize the situation you are in. I hope you get some help soon.
Hi,thank you Greta i will actually give it a go and see what they say i am up for trying anything that is my desperation i should not maybe label all in authority because i have had bad experiences through others that is frustration in me i have actually had my husband back to his GP again this morning to no avail was actually told by her that i have had a lot of help what? i thought basically everyone always dismissing me the carer of my husband 24 hours a day who sees him at his worst not them who see him for a matter of so many minutes then sit and ask me what do you want from me today then go on to do yet another water sample test for infection to which my reply was when told it was negative was actually a blunt well i could of told you so! if another professional decides to say say the word water infection i may actually SCREAM :angry:
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