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Newbie! - Carers UK Forum


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Hello everyone,
I have just joined today and looking forward to 'meeting' you all over time. Although I have cared for my lovely husband since we married 11 years ago (I am 76 and he is 78) I have just had to give up my part time job as a medical transcriptionist on the advice of our GP. Not sure how we shall manage without the extra cash, but I am sure we'll soon find out!
Hi Anne, welcome to the forum. Is your husband claiming Attendance Allowance? Has he had a recent Needs Assessment from Social Services? Have they done a Carers Assessment recently for you? Carers UK has a brilliant helpline, specialising on benefits advice, so if you have any worries, ring or email them, with brief details of your situation, and they may be able to help you.
Hi Anne
If you have had to give up work because of a medical reason then you might be able to claim attendance allowance too. Every little helps. Have you deferred your pension while you were still working? Claim it soon if so.
Do you feel able to tell us what is wrong with your dear husband? Just in case we can suggest anything useful?
do you have any outside help at the moment?
Hi Elaine,
Thank you so much for your interest and positive suggestions. I have not had to give up work due to my health, just that hubby's health/mobility issues are deteriorating. I did not defer my pension. I was in receipt of my pension when we married 11 years ago - I am 76 at the end of this month! He gets the highest rate of DLA but at the moment nothing else because I am working, or rather was. Until I know what my final salary pay cheque is ad have my P45 we can't do anything about seeing the DWP people. My husband was disabled by an accident whilst in the military. He was in Singapore in the Army when he sustained a spinal injury. Since we have been together there are times when he has had to resort to an electric wheelchair but there are also times when he manages with his sticks and/or his manual wheelchair. However he has serious problems his hips, he has had 2 full hip replacements, plus one revision. This revision involved making his one leg shortened to get to good bone which means he has not been able to drive the car for 10 years. We saw the hip surgeon in February of this year as hubby had bursitis in both hips into which a strong steroid/antibiotic was injected bilaterally. On follow up 6 weeks later we were told that there is nothing more the surgeon can do. The outcome does not look good but he is constantly cheerful and on the whole we manage very well. It is just the finance side which concern me most to be honest. My pension covers the loan on my car and it's running costs like insurance, fuel MOT's, services etc. and my salary paid for our housekeeping bills - food, toiletries Etc. and all the bits and pieces required to keep a home and us, going! Hubby pays the rent, council tax, 'phone, internet charges, and all utilities, so perhaps you can appreciate my concern about finances and mine in particular. Anyway hopefully in a couple of days, I will have a better idea of where I am and what help is available. This web site is a mine of information and I am so glad/grateful to have found it. Best wishes,
Hi Anne
I don't know for sure, but have you actually asked the army or charities connected to the army for help and advice? I think there ought to be some help out there for vets, especially those injured in service? Worth checking?
Nothing else? Not Attendance Allowance? Get onto that straight away if not. And as BB says make Social Services aware of your caring situation. Plus, have you got all aids and equipment in place via Occupational Therapist? (Free on loan).
Also, go and click on the red 'Help and Advice' button on the top of this page and explore all the grey links. You will find lots of explanations and advice for all sorts of situations.
Keep posting.
I can think of two charities which might help, the British Legion and SSAFA, which I think stands for the Soldiers, Sailors and Air Force Association. Might be worth Googling them to see what help they can offer?
Hi Ladies - military charities already involved before I married husband - they provided hospital-type beds and his electric wheelchair. As I understand things in the '60's husband was deployed to work with Singapore government; following his accident neither govt. would admit/accept responsibility. He and his late wife spent years trying by every means possible get his injuries acknowledged but in the end their barrister said they would get nowhere. Just look at the same stuff happening to veterans today. Spoke to council yesterday - things will improve once they have my P45. It appears we were miss-advised re benefits when we first were married as I was working (and was up until Friday of last week)! I have finally got myself registered as his carer which apparently I should have done from day one so fingers crossed things will improve over time. Once again thank you all so much for your advice and support.
Hi Anne,

Welcome to the forum and you have come to the right place. Friendly people,sound advice and a place to go whenever you need to talk or sound out your emotions . :)

Take care and best wishes