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nebie here - Carers UK Forum

nebie here

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
hi there,

I'm new to this forum my name is myra i care for my son aged 33 he has severe learning disability,severe epilepsy,no speech,slight cerabral palsy, bones softened by his medication so keeps breaking his ankles and a behaviour problem called NEAD where he constantly self induces his seizures.

i also work in special education as a learning support assistant, working with 7 17/18yearold schoolleavers all with learning disabilities and other problems.

Hi Myra,

Just wanted to welcome you to the forum.

Look forward to getting to know you and no doubt your own experiences are going to be of benefit to others here.

thanks for the welcome, i will certainly help if i can

Welcome abroad Myra!

I'm sure you'll find the forum very helpful and supportive, look forward to your posts!

Take care
Maryann x
Welcome aboard, Myra. Hope this forum is helpful. I've never heard of NEAD before: it looks like it's a rare condition - or at least rarely diagnosed!
hi charles,

NEAD is quite rare it is NON-EPILEPTIC ATTACK DISORDER. there are different forms of it garrys is manipulation attacks[trying to manipulate what is going on and attention seeking] he can induce seizures that have all the signs of true seizures but when put on all the fancy machines it shows that there is no epileptic activity going on in the brain. but it can lead to true ones.

it has developed into a severe behaviour problem where we can hardly leave the house to go anywhere but he has seizures and is so tired by the time we get there as it takes it out of him and with his mental age of only 2 1/2 years he dosent understand that he is missing out on life.

he does it with his day care as well and when in respite so it is not just us.