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my well being

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi Martin

I took the plunge and called our local carers support group yesterday (who are actually not that local - 35 miles away). They emailed me a list of up and coming activities/events in the broad surrounding area, and there were a couple which were "take your caree, have a coffee with the other carers" type thing over the summer. Maybe you could try that? I know they are not always that convenient, but with plenty of notice maybe it would be something you could plan and look forward to. it might be a start in finding someone you could keep in more regular contact with.
Hello Shephanie thankyou very much your email is most
helpful i will give it a try just to be able to talk to people of my kind of age group
over a coffee about problems of caring and other concerns because when you become
a carer you become so alone and isolated .
Young people do not relise how much there life can change in later life
when a family member becomes ill it can sometimes be so differcult to deal with but
saying that you have to be strong for your family i owe it to
my late father to look after and care for my mother anyway she look after me when i was
little and growing up now it is my turn to look after her
and there is a good support netwok of people out there to help you
if you are struggling
Hello Chris i think your right maybe i could get involved in some charity work
and that would be a good idea just to be able to talk to people of my own age
i may feel better for it
anyway thanks for your advice Chris
best regards martin.
Your welcome.

Charity work ?

Forum / liaison to my local food bank / off forum barnstorming sessions with others interested in our plight ... all from
the " Comfort " of this laptop for me ... a decade and a bit on from actual caring ... almost back to the time of me
CarerWatch days in terms of hours spent !

Seems more like fire fighting in 2019 ... with only a cup of virtual sand ?

Carers = charity work ?

More like being in the frontline trenches of an ongoing social war which has been raging for close on 20 years !

Whilst new recruits are always available ( Increasing numbers of family / kinship carers ) , the first aid tents are overflowing
( Carers' health issues ).

Ammunition is very low ( Finances and affordable support ) , just how much longer can we hold out ???
Our local carers group run various outings during the year, but the vast majority of them are carers for the very elderly. At 65 I was sometimes the youngest by 10 years. When you ask for your carers assessment to be updated, do check that suggestions are age appropriate.
Good point , BB.

That's one advantage for taking the plunge and trying to start your own group !
Thanks Chris yes you need to take the bull by the
horns to have a carers group for people of my kind of age group
who can chat about all sorts of things and have more in common
there must be a lot of carers in my age field who will read this post
that would think these clubs would be a very good idea.
Always ask THE question upfront ... " Are you a West Sham fan ? " ... saves possible bloodshed later ?
Neve a truer word said Chris.
Hello my mother as you know from past posts has
dementia and i am allways trying to lift her spirits by thinking what else can i do to make her happy so
this morning i washed and dressed her we do not have carers call weekends
so i painted her nails for her and sorted some nice things to ware she likes bright things to ware
and she likes to put make up on not very well now because of her dementia.
So i then took her the strawberry fair which is a local fete they have on the green near where we live
once a year

she enjoyed it but when she gets home her mood can suddenly change out of nowhere and she can suddenly turn
and be so funny with me i know she can not help it because of the dementia
but i so down about this sometimes and end up drinking a bottle of redwine to block it out is that bad
i think to myself i just have to get through a day at a time
Is there other carers out there like me it feels to me as life is passing me by
i think i need to join a carers group of people my kind of age group 55 in
the surrey heath catchment area.i