My son had a pyschotic episode

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi I'm RIz.

My son recently had an episode of psychosis and I'm here for advice and support.


Hi Riz,
Welcome to the forum. That must have been very frightening for both of you. Was this the first time? What is the situation now?

My caree has autism and related learning difficulties, so I don't have experience of caring for someone with mental health problems. Others will be along who do, however, the forum has undergone some technical issues, so it's a bit quieter than usual.

Hi Riz
I am sorry to hear that. What kind of help and support do you need?
Have you found the brilliant MIND and RETHINK websites which will explain the processes your son may go through? ... -problems/


Thanks for the replies.

Yes I have had a look at the mind and rethink websites.

I think I'm on here just to talk about the experience. It's quite a shock to us all at the moment.