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Dear Sir/Madam

I'm a new registered carer who is taking care of a disabled man with higher rate of mobility and middle rate of care. We are receiving income support in his bank account and I am known as his partner.The man can't walk and....... He need to go to clinic,hospital,physiotherapy and..... So,I have to take him on his whilchair by tube and/or bus. He has his own freedom pass card but I don't have the one. Most of time I had to buy underground tickets and they are expensive.
How can I have a freedom pass ?
I would be so grateful to have good advices from you soon.

Yours faithfully
S F Fard
In our area, the hospital will arrange transport for outpatient appointments for my mum, who is frail and uses a wheelchair. My son has learning difficulties, he has a "Companion Plus" bus pass which is issued by the County Council, and entitles the carer to free travel as he cannot travel alone. Have you had a Carer's Assessment? If not, contact Social Services, who should come and visit you and explain to you how to get things like transport etc. in your own area. Your parner should be paying for journeys you are making because of him, not you!
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Ask the office that issued his card and explain he needs someone to go with him as his carer, not partner, then they might be able to help you.
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