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My Girl

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Hi Emma, welcome to the Forum.
Welcome to the Forum. Travelling and caring for a loved one can be tremendously stressful, especially at this time of the year when the weather is bad. Take care.
proud of my daughter she is really trying hard to keep on top of the eating and i know she is struggling but we take 1 day at a time. the football club she coaches with are sending her on a referee's course as they have no qualified refs in the club also on a coaching course to become qualified they are paying. Image they have also put her on the club committee she is the youngest member they have had on it' i think this has helped her confidence levels. as from the end of feb i will be carer to my mother in law who lives alone and her sons do not live in harrogate she has slight dementia and really does not want to go into a home just yet if it can be helped. i offered to do this because living not too far from her i am able to go any time and can stay as long as needed on each visit also as i have known her for 26 years so know her little ways and where things are in her home,i can do silly little things like polish her silver with her and also talk about the past and know what she is talking about. the most important thing i can give her is consistancy just one person seeing to her as agency wont always be able to send same person each time and this may confuse her more. this also gives my brothers in law (will never call them ex in laws ) peace of mind and any way even though i am not really her daughter in law we still have a strong relatinship and i will always love her. better go now and get my beautiful daughter up for breakfast Image Image
Hello Emma. Great to hear from you again Image

Thanks for the update and positive news re your daughter. I can hear just how proud you are !

Hope everything goes well regarding your mother in law. Everything you say makes sense. Continuity is so important and its often the 'little' things that can make a big difference.

I love Harrogate. Not been for two or three years. Betty's tea shop and the gardens. Even tried some spa water one day which was pretty awful !

Best wishes,

Well done to your daughter Emma Image
And well done to you losing the ex but not the in's Image
Hi Emma and welcome,

S will be 21 this year too.

Glad your daughter is being given opportunities by the football club.

Not a good day for me today i had to leave Charlie on her own as i had a call at 8.10am to say the START member had gone to give my mother in law her medication and found her on her bedroom floor so had called an ambulance to take here to A&E. while getting dressed i phoned her two sons to inform them and told charlie where i was going. I took my eldest brother in law and his wife to look round my old place of work which is a care home. my mother in law was admitted to a ward this afternoon for tests and observation, the occupational therapist will see her tomorrow. It has been a stressful day for all the family but especially for charlie and my son michael who are very close to their grandma and find it distressing to see her like this. took charlie to get some toby therapy when i got home as this helps her when she gets stressed(toby is my friends dog and the therapy is a big hug).so we should know in the next couple of days what will happening to my mother in law. all the family kept thanking me for what i did but i don't really need thanks i do it because i love my mother in law (thecnicaly ex mother in law as i am divorced ) and want what is best for her. going for a long soak in bath with some music to unwind.
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Had an appointment on thursday with charlie and one of our community team. It was very stressful for both charlie and me as she has admitted she is starting to struggle again with the food, she also admitted to both me and her eating disorders councilor that when i have not been around at lunch time she has told me she has eaten when in fact she has not, am not sure why she lied but can only think she thought i would be angry. the councillor is getting me some info for next week on careing for people with anorexia.my mother in law is still in hospital so i go visiting every day, at least its only 15 mins walk from home. on the bright side my son has got a house share in york so his travel time to work is a little shorter and my youngest brother in law has come up for a week to see his mum and is seeing charlie and me too.even though tecnically i am an ex in law the brothers in law have all said i can have some input about their mum as i will be backing up any care staff that is needed 4 her, hopefully the meeting between hospital, social services and family will take place soon to decide what is the next step to care for her.