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MS anyone else ? - Carers UK Forum

MS anyone else ?

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hi everyone , im caring for my partner who has MS , is there anyone who is caring for someone with ms out there ? just wondering how can i boost my partners confindence to get outside and have fun ! hes always stuck in the house, anyway first post on here.

kind regards

Whoops Jonsi! I moved your post here as I thought you'd get more replies but now I see you've already posted here. Sorry for confusion!

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Hello Jonsi; welcome to the Forum Image I hope that you find some support and ideas of how to support your partner. Luckily, I haven't any experience of caring for someone with MS, but I'm sure someone will be along to help out soon.. xx

Whilst you wait for others to post, please take a look at this link too.MS Society have their own support forum too.You may find it useful.

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Hello and welcome

My Dad had MS but luckily for us he was the sort who wanted to get out and about as much as possible, so I can't help you there, but someone will be along very soon to give you some advice I'm sure. It can be a very cruel illness and I hope you find the help that you need.

Lots of lovely people on here to support and help you though

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Hello, I've only just joined here today. My husband has ppms and I am his full time carer. I can't really help with much advice on how to get your partner out on an everyday scale, as mine is much the same. However we have recently been to a City football match which he really enjoyed, it was really accessible and all the stewards were very helpful and it went without any 'mishaps' so I'm hoping it may be something he would like to do again (shame it's the end of season). Is this maybe something he would enjoy? I think it cost us £32 and I got in for free as his carer, we also had a parking pass near the stadium, so not far to go from the car. I know as I said before its end of season now but worth thinking about for the future. Melanie. Image
hello and welcome
Hi Jonsi, I have just seen your post. I care for my wife who has progressive MS and I can fully understand your point about your other half always being in the house, mine is the same. Its puzzle books and radio for most of her morning then TV in the afternoon and evening. I have tried for around six years to build up her confidence so that she can, maybe enjoy life outside of the home. Sad to say I have failed totally. Have spent vast amounts of cash on Mobility Scooters and Self Propelling Wheelchairs on the promise that she would try harder, but it now comes down to the fact that she will only go out when she is taken by car and or pushed in the wheelchair. In desperation I have decided that if she won’t go out into the countryside I will bring the countryside to her. I have booked a narrowboat for later this month. We are having a five day break, well she is having the break I will be the Captain, Crew, and Cook etc. It’s a last ditch attempt in trying to get her to think past the walls of the house. I know I am taking her out of her comfort zone but it may be the kick start she needs. I will let you know what happens. Feel free to come on back to me if you want to know anymore. Take care.